What window coverings are best for insulation?

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What Window Coverings Are Best For Insulation?

Insulating your home should always be a priority, good insulation will make your home more energy efficient, help reduce wastage of your heating usage and help keep your home warm for longer. But with the recent surges in the cost of heating, insulation is more important than ever as many people struggle to afford their heating bills.

While many insulation projects like cavity wall insulation and double-glazing windows, can be prohibitively expensive for many people, you can improve the insulation of your home with smaller and more affordable projects.

One such project is to install a new set of insulating window shades over your windows. Windows are one of the biggest areas of heat loss in any home, so improving the insulation of your windows with a thermal blind can help keep your heating bills in check.

Thermal Roman Blinds

When it comes to keeping cold air from leaking into your home via your windows, you really can’t beat the insulating power of a thick thermal Roman Blind. A thermal Roman blind is much like any other Roman blind, but the fabric of the blind is lined with a layer of thick thermal material which will insulate the window and act as a shield between your home and your windows.

Not only will a thermal Roman blind help insulate your home and keep the cold out, but it will also look stunning and add a touch of class to any room they’re used in. In the blinds world, Roman blinds are known as one of the best window coverings for style, which will give your home a fantastic new look.

Double Roller Blinds

When you’re insulating your windows, the more layers of insulation you have, the better your insulation will be, as cold air is prevented from leaking into your home and warm air kept inside. So, for insulation a double roller blind can be very good as you get the insulation of two blinds for the price of one!

Not only are double roller blinds incredibly good for heat retention and insulation, but they also give you more versatility in how you use the room, as you have a dimout blind which can be used during the day and a blackout blind which can be used at night to fully block out light from outside.

‘Click-Fit’ Cellular Shades

If you’re looking for the absolute crème de la crème of insulating window coverings, look no further than ‘click-fit’ cellular shades. These blinds get their insulating powers from the fact the material used in the shade is made in a honeycomb shape, which is ideal for providing insulation. As an added bonus, these blinds often come with a solar reflective backing, which will also help keep your home cool in the Summer months, making them a perfect year-round window shade.

These blinds also have a fairly novel way of installing them. Unlike traditional blinds which need to be fixed in place on a wall, or curtains that need to be connected to a track above the window, these blinds click directly into your window frame, making for an easy installation process that requires absolutely no DIY skills to pull off successfully.


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