Should roman blinds be inside or outside the recess?

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Should Roman blinds be inside or outside the recess?

Are you wondering “Should Roman blinds be inside or outside the recess?”  If so, you’re not alone. This is a question that’s been asked by millions of people over the years. The recess refers to the space between the inside wall and the glass itself. Read on to find out whether you should hang Roman blinds inside or outside of the recess.  

What is a recess and does every window have one?

A recess is a distance between the surface of the window pane and the wall that the window’s built into. Put simply, it’s the space or sunken area that your window sits in. If a window isn’t sitting flush with the wall, it has a recess. The majority of windows have windowsills, however, because they’re usually not deep enough to hold much, most people don’t worry about their blinds resting on them when closed. 

Fitting Roman blinds outside of the recess 

Many people opt to fit Roman blinds outside of the recess. If you do go down this route, you’ll need to ensure that they are wider than the window in order to block out unwanted light. At the same time, mounting the blinds high enough above the recess will allow you to maximise the light entering a space when you want to let in as much of it as possible.

Why fit Roman blinds outside of the recess?

Roman blinds are often installed outside of the recess, and this is because it allows lots of natural light to enter a room when they’re open. You can flood a space with natural light, making it much brighter and more inviting. This is because it minimises light leakage around the sides of the blind. Roman blinds installed outside the recess can block out the light when the blinds are closed. However, items that you’ve placed on the windowsill will not be visible when you shut the blinds.

Fitting Roman blinds outside of the recess also means that you can see the full window and the view beyond it when they’re open. When installed with the recess, the folds of the blind can obscure part of the upper portion of the window, impacting visibility. 

Fitting Roman blinds inside of the recess

Some people choose to install Roman blinds inside the recess as this tucks them away, giving them a smarter, neater appearance. With some styles, you can fit blinds to the window frames, allowing you to clearly see the items you’ve placed on your sills. Unfortunately, when the blinds are open, less light will get into the room. Whether you fit Roman blinds inside of the recess will largely depend on the look you want to achieve versus how serious you are about light control. 

Which option is right for me?

When considering whether or not Roman blinds should be inside or outside the recess, you’ll need to think about a number of factors. Firstly, what look do you want to achieve? If you want your windows and blinds to look as neat as possible, you might be tempted to fit them inside the recess. Keep in mind that if you do this, you may need to have them professionally cut down to make them fit the space. However, if you want to be able to let as much light as possible into a room when they’re open, it makes sense to install them outside the recess. This will ensure that light isn’t blocked by the folds of the blinds. 

How to fit Roman blinds 

Fitting Roman blinds is a relatively simple task, whether you opt to install them inside or outside the recess. The first thing you’ll need to do is mark the positions of the brackets. Once the markings are level, you should then realign the brackets with them, gently screwing them into place with a drill. When they’re firmly fixed to the wall, clip the blinds into the brackets to achieve a perfect fit. Before you begin the installation process, make sure you have on hand a spirit level, pencil for marking, drill, drill bits, screws, tape measure, and wall plugs.

Positioning your Roman blinds

Once you’ve decided which window your Roman blinds are going in, you need to know how to fit them into that space. Much of the positioning depends on the window frame you are working with and if you’re fitting the blinds inside or outside the recess. If you’ve opted for inside the recess, you need to ensure there aren’t any obstructions to prevent them from hanging flat. 

Protruding window handles or locks can interfere with the hang of the blinds, making it hard to operate them. If you have enough room to accommodate them in your recess without any obstructions, you’re good to go. However, if there’s not enough space within the recess, you may need to fit them outside the recess. Just keep in mind that you won’t achieve full blackout due to the gaps at the sides. Light is likely to seep in, which isn’t ideal if they’re installed in bedrooms. 

Professional installation of Roman blinds 

Whether you’re looking for blinds in Nottingham or Newcastle, fitting your Roman blinds inside or outside the recess, professional installation is always advisable. Although it’s possible to fit them yourself, hiring an experienced blinds fitters like Boyd’s Blinds, can make sure that they are installed to the highest possible standards. It guarantees a quality finish for your new blinds and ensures that you’re totally happy with them. Many blind companies include measuring and installation in the total cost of the blinds. 


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