How to measure net curtains

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How To Measure Net Curtains

Curtains are commonplace in most homes, particularly in living rooms and bedrooms where light management and privacy are key. 

Net curtains are one of the most popular curtain types on the market, and as well as the practical functions they serve they also offer wonderful aesthetics that make them the perfect choice for a whole host of properties. 

Installing curtains yourself is an easy enough task, however, it is important that you have measured your net curtains correctly before doing so.

Curtains that have been incorrectly measured may end up being too long or too short, with both options being troublesome. 

So, how do you measure curtains correctly?

Well, in this article we’ll take a look at exactly that examining how to measure for net curtains and providing you with a handy guide to do so. By following our tips, you’ll find yourself mastering the task in no time.

Read on to find out more.

What Are Net Curtains?

Net curtains usually refers to curtains that have been knitted using a coarse yarn and that are typically white or cream. While the coarse nature of these curtains means they tend not to have as silky a finish as other options, they are excellent at offering privacy in a home as well as being extremely robust, durable and low maintenance.

Often, people confuse net curtains with voile curtains. 

However, the main distinction between the two is the fact that voile curtains are weaved as opposed to knitted. 

Net curtains tend to be more prevalent in more traditional homes and while they are not as widely seen as they once were, they still remain a popular choice for those wanting to achieve a contemporary look. 

Benefits Of Net Curtains 

Net curtains offer several benefits, making them a popular choice for window coverings in homes and other settings. Here are some of the key advantages you can expect when you install net curtains in your home:

Privacy: Like with all curtain types, net curtains provide excellent privacy during the day by allowing you to see outside while obscuring the view from the other side meaning people cannot clearly see into your home. This is particularly useful for homes on busy streets or ground-floor flats. And, when the curtains are fully drawn (usually at night) people won’t be able to peek inside at all. 

Light filtration: Net curtains soften the amount of light that can enter your property. They diffuse sunlight, reducing glare and creating a soft ambient light in the room. This can help protect furniture, carpets and artwork as the harsh sun rays will not cause them to fade as well as stop the sun from shining in people’s eyes which can be uncomfortable. 

Aesthetic appeal: If you want your curtains to also act as a decorative element, then net curtains can help add a touch of elegance and enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room. They come in a wide range of patterns, designs, colours and styles that also allow for customisation to suit your unique interior style. They can also be layered with other window treatments like drapes or blinds for added texture and style. 

Air circulation: Unlike heavier curtain types, net curtains allow for better air circulation when windows are open. This contributes to a fresher indoor environment and gives you greater control of air flow.

Energy efficiency: While they are not the most efficient option available, net curtains do still act as an effective barrier against heat loss in the winter months and can reduce heat gain during the summer which contributes to greater energy efficiency. 

Customisable: Net curtains can be easily cut and hemmed to fit any window size, offering a custom fit without the need for professional alterations. 

Overall, net curtains are a practical and stylish option for those looking to enhance their living space, and let’s now take a look at how to measure net curtains 

How To Measure Net Curtains 

When measuring curtains, it is vital that you have accurate and precise measurements. 

If not, you will find yourself with curtains that do not fit the space and need to be remeasured. With this in mind, it is important they are properly measured in the first instance. 

When measuring net curtains, you will always need two measurements, the width and the height (known as the drop). 

Before you start measuring, make sure you have the tools to hand to do the job. This includes a tape measure (we’d recommend a metal one as they are more accurate), pen and paper. 

Measure The Width 

Let’s start with measuring the curtain width.

To begin, measure the inside of your window’s recess from one side of the wall to another. Do this more than once to ensure you are certain that the measurements you have taken are correct. Once you are sure of the dimension, times the measurement by two as this will provide you with the optimal gather needed for the curtains. This is because many people like to have a ‘pleated’ or ‘bunched’ look for their curtains so you will need extra material to achieve this look. 

If you have a net curtain wire or rod already fitted, then the process is even easier than this as all you need to do is measure the length of this. 

Measure The Drop 

To measure the drop length, simply measure from the top of the window recess to the window sill or ledge.

Again, if you already have a curtain wire or rod in place then you can simply measure from here down to the sill or ledge.

This will provide you with the dimensions needed for the curtain’s drop. 

Many retailers will provide curtains with a variety of standard drop sizes. 

This includes:

  • 91cm (36’’)
  • 102cm (40’’)
  • 107cm (42’’)
  • 114cm (45’’)
  • 122cm (48’’)
  • 137cm (54’’)
  • 152cm (60’’)
  • 160cm (63’’)
  • 183 cm (72’’)
  • 206cm (81’’)
  • 229cm (90’’)

However, there will be instances where these standard sizes are not applicable and you will need to follow the measurement guide above to ensure you have the suitable measurements for your unique circumstances. 


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