Do patio doors need blinds?

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Do Patio Doors Need Blinds?

Patio doors are brilliant investments, often providing a seamless passage from the back of the home to the garden area. After all, gardening is becoming more popular as a pastime, and patio doors make that therapeutic, quick relief even more appealing and accessible.

Patio doors are also great for letting light into a room, as well as providing wide open views from atop a balcony. Essentially, they’re a big window that can open as a door, and that will always be trendy and add a flare of originality to the home.

With all that said, it’s worth asking what might seem like a bizarre question; do patio doors need blinds?

Blocking the Outside

You could have the very best view in all the land, but every homeowner needs their privacy from time to time. Additionally, what’s a nice view on a sunny day can be spoilt entirely by rain, mist or fog, so it’s obviously not always desirable. The point is, depending on the day and time, people can change their minds about what they want from their patio doors.

This is where blinds are useful, exposing and blocking off the view at will. They’re also not as clunkier or heavy handed as thick, obtrusive curtains, and are more subtly inserted into that space where the outside and inside bleed into one another more fluidly. Consequently, roller blinds from Direct Blinds works best here, with no gaps for anyone to peep through while remaining thin and nimble.

Controlling Lighting

Once again, depending on the weather, different amounts of light will be unleashed upon the house. While some might yank regular curtains across the scene if it’s all too bright, this scenario isn’t entirely ideal. After all, such people would only have two stark choices through using standard curtains; no natural light at all or letting in all the natural light.

Obviously, with blinds there’s more room for customising just how much light comes in through the patio door. You can twist the louvres to accurately control just how much light comes in, enabling you to find that perfect spot. The fabric is also easily moved across the rail if you do decide to commit to just letting it all inside. No matter what you decide to do, the important thing is that you can decide thanks to the blinds!

Duette Blinds

Sleek, stylish, and extremely modern; the Duette blinds achieve everything the vertical blinds can but with a different kind of flare. Dubbed as honeycomb blinds, these slick additions are fitted horizontally but can also be scaled up and down the patio door in their entirety.

The stacks are light and extremely responsive too, meaning there’s no heavy yanking on chains and louvres to get them working. This is because they can be controlled and configured with a paired smartphone app, which is another flare of luxury that can be added to your patio area. In the end, Duette blinds would be an extremely stylish addition to the patio area.


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