Choosing the right blinds according to room

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Choosing The Right Blinds According To Room

Windows let natural light into our home and their strategic placement can change the outlook of a room. However, we want that light to be regulated according to the time of day, our activities and our moods. Window coverings, shades and blinds are an obvious solution; we can alter the amount of light according to how we wish! Which style of window blinds would be most effective for each room in a house?


Blinds for Bedrooms

Your bedroom is your sleep sanctuary, and sleep experts advise limiting other activities in this room for a less-disrupted nap. Good sleep requires an appropriately darkened room and a temperature cool enough to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Various types of blinds from Velux are available that are good for bedrooms:
1. Those that completely block light – blackouts;
2. Exterior window shades – awnings;
3. Energy-efficient blinds that serve as insulation barriers and keep rooms at just the right temperature – hybrid blinds.

Blinds for Kitchens And Bathrooms

While these are two very separate portions of your home, you can choose a similar style of window blinds for both of them. Kitchens require variations in light that could range from very bright allowance to a dimmer view. The same is true for bathrooms; inspecting that pimple or applying makeup could use more natural light than other times.
Simple style plantations shutters or venetian blinds would be perfect for a room that needs frequent light adjustment to suit one’s needs. Also, they are low maintenance, which creates less hassle in these rooms that often require frequent touching up and maintenance tasks.

Blinds for Living Rooms And Lounges

Your living room needs a more relaxed atmosphere for chilling out and entertaining guests. Living rooms need a diffused spread of light that does not play too harshly on objects and heat things up. You can play around with the light in this room to create effects and highlight certain areas using lamps and other lighting.
To achieve a softer look, movable roller blinds and velux window blinds with pleats are the best for a drawing room, living room or lounge. You can also opt for decorative styles and colours for this kind of blind that matches your d├ęcor or sets up a pleasing contrast. Such blinds are also suitable for offices.

During summertime in many regions, and throughout the year in more temperate climates, insects are wont to enter your house through open windows. Insect shielding nets are available that can attach to almost any kind of blind and prevent entry of pests into your home.


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