5 reasons why wooden blinds are 2019’s most popular window covering

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5 reasons why Wooden Blinds are 2019’s most popular window covering

If you’ve taken a walk around your neighbourhood in the past year or so, you might have noticed an emerging trend in your neighbours’ windows. Wooden blinds have soared in popularity in the past year and are the most popular blind of 2019 so far. But why is this? Make My Blinds breaks down the top 5 reasons wooden blinds are so popular. 


With more and more people opting to buy blinds online, and install themselves rather than get someone around to fit them for you, you can spend more on the blind itself and less on paying someone to do the job or you. So why are wooden blinds so popular?


Obviously when you’re installing something into your window, there are multiple things it needs to be able to do, but looking stylish is usually number one for most people. The colour, the look and the quality are all very important for something that will be in your window for the next few years. Importantly, wooden venetian blinds are very stylish, giving a premium look and finish to your window – more so than a standard plain roller blind for example.

Light Control

With wooden venetian blinds, you have the ability to have them up or down in your window, but also total light control by angling the slats as needed on the blind. So if you want to let some light in, but block the direct sunlight, just angle the slats downwards to block the direct light, but still let some light filter into your room. This also works for privacy, so if your window is right onto a road or pavement, you can still let the light in without being seen. 


Wooden blinds don’t have to be plain and boring either, you can choose from a wide range of painted solid colour slats, or choose from a range of real wooden grain effects on your blinds. Most companies will also offer the blinds to come paired with matching, or contrasting cotton tapes that run down the face of the slats. The cotton tapes are perfect for adding a softer touch to your blinds, and coming in complimentary colours means that you can pair these cotton tapes in with similar toned décor items. 

With real wood and faux wood slats available to choose from too, you can have the luxury of real wood or choose the more durable faux wooden slats to sit in your windows. Real wooden blinds are best if you want to see the real wood grain show through, but if you’re looking for a solid colour, then the faux wood are just as good – and a little bit cheaper too!

Improve the look of your home

Whilst you want the blinds to look good from the inside, they will also help to improve the look of your home from the outside. Win Win! With their vertical cotton tapes and the horizontal slats, these blinds will give the same stylish look to the outside of your home as they do from the inside.

Install a brighter colour, like white or cream to make them really stand out, and if you paired a white slat with grey or black tapes it’ll help to emphasise them and make them more of a focal point in your window.

Cheaper Shutter Alternative

Possibly the most desirable type of window covering available, but at a price. Shutters are by far the most expensive way of covering your window. So it’s no surprise that with white wooden blinds looking as stylish as they do, and being similar in style to shutter and at a fraction of the price, they are such a popular blind. White wooden blinds in your window will give a similar look to shutters but at a much lower cost – which is great as you can cover your whole home in these stylish blinds without breaking the bank. 

In summary, wooden venetian blinds are a stylish, practical and cost-effective way to cover your windows in 2019. If you’re looking for more information about wooden blinds, the Make My Blinds knowledge hub has a host of information including a wooden blinds FAQs section.


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