Investing in comfort: tips for buying the best divan bed

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Investing in Comfort: Tips for Buying the Best Divan Bed

Buying a new bed comes with lots of considerations. You’ll need to think about the style you like, your preferred sleeping position, and any additional requirements you may have for a bed. After all, we use our beds for more than just sleeping!

You should find out how much space you have in your bedroom as well. A divan bed might be a wonderful option for you if choosing a huge bed means foregoing necessary storage space because it provides valuable additional storage space in its base.

This guide will help clear up any misconceptions and explain what divan beds are, their benefits, and what to consider before buying one if you’re unfamiliar with this bed form and are curious about how they vary from other types of beds.

What Is a Divan Bed?

These pieces of furniture consist of a mattress sitting atop a hollow wooden foundation. The foundation is a sturdy timber framework wrapped in cloth or leather. On some, there may be wadding under the cloth. The divan base frequently has wheels or castors installed on it for mobility, and many bases have handy storage sections or drawers.

Renowned for being secure and supportive, divan beds differ from conventional bed frames by having a solid top base rather than slats. This sturdy base offers firm support for the mattress. In order to provide an additional level of comfort and support, some bases also include a layer of pocket springs. The springs in your mattress relieve some of the strain by being reactive, which also lengthens its lifespan.

Reasons to Get a Divan Bed 

Perfect Bedroom Focal Point 

A divan bed will not only provide you with a cosy place to sleep, but it will also significantly improve the appearance of your bedroom. Luxury divan beds such as those with tufted headboards and diamond-shaped headboards add so much visual interest to the space, giving the room the focal point it needs. No other bed appears as cosy as a divan bed does.


As mentioned before, many bases come with built-in storage. Whether it’s concealed drawers or a gas-lift ottoman mechanism, this extra storage space can be used to store away items such as bedding to keep your bedroom clutter-free. 

Easily Customisable 

The variety of luxury divan beds has expanded significantly over time, and there are now many different colours, materials, headboards, footboards, and storage options to choose from. Customising your bed to suit your needs and preferences has never been easier.

Space Saver

In comparison to conventional bed frames, which are frequently wider and longer than the mattress because the mattress lies within the frame, divan beds are made to be the same size as the mattress they support. This makes them less cumbersome. Divan bases are especially helpful in tiny spaces when making the most of available space is a top priority. 

Easy to Assemble

The fact that divan beds are the simplest to assemble is an important factor. Other kinds of frames could need a lot of putting together, including installing the wooden slats that support the mattress.

Divan beds are sometimes as simple to assemble as joining two parts and placing your mattress on top of the base. Usually, a double divan bed is divided into two equally sized parts, which are clipped together in the middle. The mattress may then be added safely.

You might need to attach your divan bed’s headboard, if it has one. Typically, pre-drilled sockets will be there for the headboard to fit into. Simplicity is one of the features that make these beds a popular option. 

What to Look for When Buying One

Upholstery Colour 

Divan beds are popular due to their upholstered bases; thus, you must naturally consider this upholstery when purchasing a divan bed. Choose a colour you think best complements your bedroom’s decor and the other pieces of furniture in the room. Consider the sort of fabric you want as well; there are many options, including lino, chenille, velvet, and wool.

Headboard Style

If you choose to purchase a divan bed instead of just a divan base, you should consider the headboard style. Today’s headboards are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, allowing you to choose the one that best complements your bedroom. Keep in mind that matching headboards and bases are offered if this is something you’d prefer.

Storage Type

Storage is one of a divan bed base’s best features. Most divan beds feature storage drawers, which can be continental or regular style. Continental drawers are half-sized drawers. This can be a helpful option for a tight bedroom where the drawers won’t be able to open all the way.

As for regular drawers, you can choose from 2 to 4 full-sized drawers. You can also opt for a combination of continental and regular drawers. 

There are also some options with storage ottomans available. If you have a limited amount of room, this may be a wonderful storage solution. With an ottoman bed, you may use the area under your mattress as storage by lifting it up from the button or side of the base.

Feet Type 

The feet you select for the base of your divan bed are significant, despite being a minor aspect. Each foot type has its pros and cons and can also impact the look of the bed. Options include: 

  • Legs: If you like a higher bed, legs will give it extra height while keeping it stable, which in turn will make it more pleasant to get in and out of. If you opt for drawer storage, make sure to get tall legs so you can still maximise your storage.
  • Castors: To make moving your divan bed foundation easier, you may attach castors, which are plastic or metal wheels. This can be useful if you like to move your bed for decorating purposes or to clean underneath it. Castor cups are required if your flooring is hard or smooth in order to prevent the bed from rolling.
  • Glides: These are strong, flat feet that are affixed to the bottom of the bed base. They make it easier to move your divan bed base around the room, but they are not as flexible as castors. Glides are ideal for both smooth and carpeted surfaces since they guarantee that your divan bed base will remain put.

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