How to dress a bed

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How To Dress A Bed

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house.

Not only the place where you lay your head at night, but bedrooms should also provide you with peaceful privacy, a place to relax and somewhere where you can seek solace when you need an escape from the real world.

With this in mind, it’s important that the bedroom, and in particular your bed, offer a calming aesthetic and the functionality that allows these things to be possible.

Too often beds are left unmade and rooms are cluttered, meaning you are not able to properly maximise the intended tranquil nature of a bedroom.   

One of the best ways to achieve a great aesthetic in your bedroom is dressing a bed correctly. There are a whole host of different bed dressing designs, and no matter what kind you’re looking for this article will explain how you can appropriately dress a bed.

How To Dress A Bed 

Whether you want a relaxed look or a more formal hotel aesthetic for your bed, by following the handy tips below you’ll learn how to dress a bed like a designer in no time.

Read on to find out more. 

Use Quality Bedding 

When it comes to bedding, it’s accurate to say that you get what you pay for. 

To dress a bed to the best level, having appropriate bedding options in place is extremely important so we’d always recommend considering premium options. You don’t necessarily have to break the bank to do this, but do your research and be prepared to pay a little bit more than usual if it means enhancing the bedding’s quality.

Cotton bedding offers a range of functional benefits, but its crisp, smooth aesthetic and feel is where it really comes into its own. Likewise, linen is also a great option, especially during summer and the hotter months of the year when you want something more lightweight.

Get Reversible Duvet Covers 

If you’re someone who likes versatile bedding and wants to change things up once in a while, we can’t recommend reversible duvet covers enough. 

As well as offering you two designs in one, during the day you can fold down one of the duvet’s corners to provide your bed with an excellent additional design feature. Even if you’re not someone who necessarily wants exciting new patterns and bold colours that you can change up on a regular basis, reversible duvet covers are still worth investing in. 

This is because even luxury hotel aesthetics can be achieved by reversible duvets. There are many options out there that utilise subtle patterns on plain white or coloured duvets to provide an affluent look. 

Dress A Bed With A Throw

Throws are an excellent addition that should be considered when dressing any bed. 

Favoured by those who want to achieve a laid-back and casual appearance from their bed, the best way to maximise throws is to loosely drape them over corners of the bed. We’d recommend against tucking them in too tightly or keeping them neatly folded at the end of a bed as this can see them get lost among your other design features. 

If you want to maintain style while combining this relaxed feature, loosely draping a throw over the bottom third of the mattress is the best way to strike this balance. We’d also suggest mixing it up with throws of different colours.

Rather than sticking to just one colour, mixing different coloured throws brings together different textures that can wonderfully complement each other.  

Dress A Bed With Pillows

Pillows are arguably the most important element of every bed. 

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sinking your head into plush, soft pillows after a long day at work, and pillows can also be greatly utilised as a design feature when dressing a bed. 

If, like most people do, you own a double bed then the best way to accentuate your pillows is to have two on each side, making sure they’re nicely plumped up. We’d also recommend placing one pillow beneath the duvet and one above. This provides both a finished look, while also maintaining the main purpose of a bed – for sleeping.  

Colourful Bedspreads 

Just like we mentioned above in regard to throws, we’d also suggest combining different colours for your bedspreads. They always look attractive when you select bedspreads that combine one plain and one patterned design.

Start by choosing one core colour for your bedding, and utilise it on the lower part of your bed. For the upper section, go for a pattern that is half the width of the bed, this will create a stunning slim panel that sits neatly on top of the plain bedspread.  

This will create a look that will seem like it’s been crafted by a professional designer, showing you take care and consideration when dressing your bed. 

Layer With Cushions 

In addition to pillows, layering cushions on a bed is another excellent design feature you should consider. 

Depending on the size and width of your bed, anywhere between three and six cushions is optimal. If you’re unsure on the right type of cushions for you, a good starting point is to choose a colour or theme that complements your bed. 

Then, as a good rule of thumb, follow the below guide on how to arrange cushions.

  • Single beds – One large cushion and one bolster 
  • Double beds – Two large cushions, two bolster cushions and one small square cushion 
  • King size beds – Three large cushions, two square sham cushions, two large rectangle cushions and one bolster 

Turn Down The Bed 

When you wake up in the morning, you should always turn down your bed if you’re wanting to appropriately dress it. While this can seem like a tedious task, it can really make a significant difference to your bed’s overall appearance. 

Simply fluff up your pillows, fold down your duvet and take some time to make sure all of your bed’s elements are in the correct place. 

Not only will this enhance its look, but when it comes to going to bed at night it offers a cosy ambience that can even help you get off to sleep easier.  


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