The rise of mushroom art

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The Rise of Mushroom Art

If art isn’t subjective, or even sometimes divisive, then it’s probably doing something wrong. 

The entire purpose of art is to push boundaries, make an impact and get people talking. And there’s certainly one art form that’s doing exactly that.

Welcome to the whacky world of mushroom art.

Introduction To Mushroom Art

The fungus that is most commonly associated with woodland environments, food and psychedelic experiences, art isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to mushrooms.

However, mushroom art is among the fastest-growing art and interior design trends. From fashion shows to art exhibitions and even a South Korean artist creating a mushroom burial suit (yes, really), the phenomenon of mushroom art shows no signs of disappearing. 

In fact, if anything, it continues to grow in popularity at a pace that has seen fungi furniture and mushroom motifs adorn properties around the world.   

Let’s take a closer look at the rise of mushroom art, and how it can be utilised in your home. 

What is mushroom art?

Mushrooms being the subjects of artwork is nothing new. In fact, you can go as far back as the 17th century to see evidence of mushroom paintings. 

However, the recent craze really started taking off in 2020. With the Covid-19 pandemic confining people all over the world to their homes, the interior design world notably shifted. No longer were people conscious of what other people thought of their home’s decor, instead people started to opt for design options and products that better matched their own unique tastes and styles. And a whole host of alternative art forms began to gain popularity.

Known as ‘weirdcore’, anything that is considered quirky, playful, colourful and cheerful falls into this category- with mushroom art proving to be among the most popular choices.   

Why is mushroom art so popular?

As weirdcore began to take off as an art and interior design trend, mushroom art has continued to be one of its most popular sub-genres.

There are several reasons why this could be the case including: 

  • Unique aesthetic- More people are wanting to show off their individual character through their decor, and the unique shape and aesthetic of mushrooms have proven to be a great way to do just that. With more than 100,000 variations of fungi in the world, the personalisation potential is unmatched and everyone’s fantasy mushroom art ambitions can be achieved. 
  • A range of colours- Similarly to their unique aestheitc, mushrooms can also be found in a whole host of colours. From subtle, earthy tones to vibrant, bright hues, there really is something to suit everyone’s taste.  
  • Connection to nature- With everyone cooped up indoors due to Covid-19 lockdowns, mushroom art’s connection to the natural world may also have contributed to their popularity. Appreciation of the beauty, complexity and fascinating elements of nature remains strong among mushroom art lovers.    
  • Pop culture- Mushrooms are also prominent in pop culture and mythology. With links to fantasy, folklore, magic and psychedelia, these influences have aided mushroom art’s popularity, especially when it comes to the more trippy mushroom art pieces that exist.  

Mushroom art ideas

As mentioned above the versatility of mushrooms has played a big role in their rise in the art world. 

With this in mind, there is a huge scope for unique and personalised mushroom artwork with options available to suit everyone’s unique taste. 

Here are just a few of the best mushroom art ideas:

  • Mushroom lamps
  • Mushroom-shaped ceramic dishes
  • Mushroom-shaped door or wall hooks
  • Mushroom paintings
  • Mushroom wall prints
  • Mushroom tapestries 
  • Mushroom stools
  • And much more! 

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