Window ideas for loft conversions – your complete guide

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Window Ideas for Loft Conversions – Your Complete Guide

The newspapers were flooded with reports this year about the surge in demand for loft conversions. It’s no surprise, they’re absolutely incredible investments that utilise precious, unused space that you already have in your home. They can help you earn some extra money from renting, open up your current home for better functionality without moving house, and might even boost the value of your home – all without even touching any valuable outdoor space. 

One commonly overlooked, but very important aspect of a loft conversion design is windows. Windows are a functional feature that pack a real punch when it comes to the value they add to this beautiful space. They come in various designs and styles, and it’s important to choose the right type of windows to properly compliment your loft conversion. 

Why Windows Make Good Sense For Loft Conversions

Windows are incredibly important aspects of a loft conversions overall look and function, for the following reasons: 


Loft conversions can be stuffy, and windows allow for greater ventilation, which also helps with the escape of cooking smells if you have a kitchen in your conversion. 

Mould can also be avoided with windows, which allow the moisture to escape. 

Most importantly, as we spend around 90% of our time indoors, maintaining excellent air quality is key. With windows you can properly ventilate the loft conversion and ensure that fresh, high-quality air moves through the space. If you have allergies, or live in a busier area, loft conversion windows often come with a range of opening options so you can control just how much air you are letting in at any time. 


Adding light to a loft conversion with windows is integral to opening it up and giving it a fresh and airy feel. Light and ventilation help the space to look and feel as big as it really is, and help us to maintain natural circadian rhythms, which are important for sleep quality if you choose to use the room as a bedroom. 


A lot of people don’t realise the views they have right from the top of their house, until they get a loft conversion and have windows installed. 

Whether you’re able to see London landmarks you never knew could be seen from your house, or you simply get to see your entire garden and green space from a better perspective, loft conversion windows make those views accessible to you, which can be incredibly valuable from the perspective of the loft user, but also when it comes to the rental or sale value of the house itself. 

Types Of Loft Conversion Windows

Although there are bespoke options available, the following are standard loft options that could be possible for your home improvement project: 


Dormer windows are fitted to the vertical wall of a dormer loft conversion, providing some head height and a little extra space. They are a popular option because they can be quite substantial in size, and can be suitable for a large range of loft conversions. The only potential downsides to dormer windows is the room they take up, the need for them to be of an adequate distance from the roof eaves, and any additional building time and allowances the dormer windows require as part of the overall project. 

Roof/ Velux

Roof/velux windows are the type of window you will see most commonly in loft conversions. They are very easy to install and are positioned in the roof slant. They are not just recommended for loft conversions, but rather they are essential

skylight windows in loft conversions are incredibly effective at opening up the space and letting the natural light flood in. This is so important with a standard loft conversion as if there are no windows at all, the slanted walls can feel a little overbearing, and the space can feel a little claustrophobic even if it is vast. Windows open that space up and fill it with stunning natural light. They also come with a huge range of options including; 

  • Electric operated
  • Solar powered
  • Remote operated blinds/ shutters
  • Various styles and sizes
  • Top hung hinges 

Velux windows tend to also be a really quick and affordable enhancement of a loft conversion design, so they are well worth considering as part of your initial design plans. 

In terms of potential downsides to velux windows, rain damage is a common issue when the windows are left open (people check windows of the top floor less regularly before leaving the space). It’s an easy problem to avoid, but one well worth being aware of after installation. 


Casement windows are the type of windows you are likely to have seen on any regular house. They are usually hinged at the side, can be any size, and also have different pane options. 

The main potential issue with casement windows for loft conversions is that they can be hard to be accepted through building regulations because of safety issues. If you are able to have them, though, they are very easy to use and they let in plenty of light. 

Gable End

Ridged roof houses have a gable end – the point where the roof meets. It forms the part of the wall at the end that connects them together and can be used for a gable end window. 

A gable end window can commonly be peaked at the top just like the roof. Designed and installed like this, they can look incredibly beautiful and truly merge with the cute and quirky shape and aesthetic of the loft space. Sometimes, they can be floor to ceiling, or they can be square or rectangular without the peak at the top – there are lots of options to choose from. 


A balcony window with a loft conversion can open out onto a true balcony or outdoor space, in which case it’s likely to be a sliding door, rather than a window. Some loft conversions also have something called a Juliet balcony which is essentially, a large window or set of sliding doors with a narrow balcony in front and safety railings outside for safety. 

Is It Time You Discussed Your Loft Conversion Window Options With The Professionals? 

If you would love to elevate your loft conversion design with stunning windows that let the light flood in, speak to a professional loft conversion company. They can discuss your options with you and help you create a fresher, more beautiful loft conversion space to enjoy, further enhancing the benefits of this exciting and highly popular type of home improvement. 


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