The benefits of double glazed upvc windows

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The Benefits of Double Glazed UPVC Windows

If you’re looking to maximise your home’s efficiency and save money, you should consider investing in double glazed UPVC windows. If you’re unfamiliar, a UPVC window is a window framed with a type of rigid plastic known as unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. UPVC is known for being low-maintenance, durable, and energy-efficient.

When one of these windows is double-glazed, it means that there are two panes of glass rather than one, which provides extra insulation. Because UPVC offers significant advantages over frames made of timber or aluminium, UPVC windows are becoming a very popular choice for new construction and homeowners looking to upgrade their households.

So, is it worth having double glazing windows installed in your home? Here, we’ll take a look at the benefits these windows provide and why so many homeowners are making the switch.

Exceptional Energy Efficiency

One of the most significant benefits of double glazed UPVC windows is the energy efficiency they offer. When you have old, flimsy windows in your home, it can lead to tons of wasted energy. For example, whenever you have the heat cranked up during winter, quite a bit of warm air will be escaping through those weak windows.

As a result, your heating system will need to work quite a bit harder to compensate for the loss and keep your living space comfortable. That means that the appliance will have to use significantly more electricity, and your monthly energy bills will rise significantly.

With double glazed UPVC windows, this is an issue you won’t need to worry about. For one thing, the extra pane of glass will create an additional layer of insulation. So, it will be much harder for heat to escape during winter or cool, conditioned air to escape during summer. In many cases, the space between the two window panes is even occupied by insulating gas, which will improve the energy efficiency further.

That said, it isn’t only the double glazing that makes these windows more efficient. The UPVC is designed specifically to reduce heat loss and protect against leaks forming. When compared to windows with aluminium or timber framing, UPVC windows tend to do a much better job of keeping your home tightly sealed.

Although you may not realise it’s happening, your current UPVC windows could be costing you a lot of money each month in wasted energy. By switching to energy efficient double glazed windows, you could potentially be saving a significant sum on your monthly energy bills. Over the course of several years, that difference could equate to spectacular savings.

Improved Comfort

Another benefit of upgrading to double glazed UPVC windows is improved comfort in your home. Whether you’re dealing with scorching summer weather or freezing winter temperatures, having windows with effective insulation can make a massive difference in your overall comfort level. If your windows have subpar framing and only a single pane, they’re likely doing a poor job of keeping conditioned air inside your home.

You may notice that it takes forever for your furnace to warm up your home or that your AC unit regularly struggles to keep your living space cool and comfortable. You might not know it, but your windows could be playing a major role in these issues.

When you upgrade to double glazed UPVC windows, you should immediately notice an improvement in your comfort. For one thing, the temperatures around the house will be more consistent, as the areas near windows won’t be significantly colder or warmer than the rest of the dwelling. Plus, your furnace and air conditioner won’t need to run for nearly as long to bring your home’s climate to a pleasant spot. If you live somewhere with harsh weather conditions, having double-glazed UPVC windows can truly be a game-changer for your quality of life.

Better HVAC Health

When your household heating and cooling systems have to work harder, it doesn’t only impact your energy costs and comfort. It can also increase the likelihood of serious mechanical problems and shorten the lifespans of the appliances. This is another area in which having double glazed UPVC windows can save you money and help you avoid inconvenience and frustration.

If the windows around your house are leaky or poorly insulated, it puts a lot more pressure on your HVAC system to consistently compensate for the lost warm or cool air. And when your furnace and air conditioner are forced to work harder, it puts additional wear and tear on the equipment. If this is a regular occurrence, then your heating and cooling units will be much more likely to experience mechanical problems. That means you’ll end up spending quite a bit more money on costly HVAC repairs.

With double glazed UPVC windows, your HVAC system may remain productive for several additional years, too. The fewer mechanical issues an appliance has throughout its life, the longer its healthy lifespan will be. It’s similar to putting mileage on a car. Because there will be less strain on your heating and cooling units, they’ll be able to last significantly longer before you need to replace them. That means you may have a few extra years to set aside money for your next HVAC system.

Increased Home Value

Eventually, you may decide that you’re ready to sell your house and start a new chapter in your life. When that time comes, you’ll want your home’s value to be as high as possible. Many variables factor into a house’s market value, and the quality of the windows will certainly be a consideration. If your home is equipped with double glazed UPVC windows, that’s something that will make the place more attractive to potential buyers. You’ll be able to confidently say that the windows will save them money, keep them comfortable, and provide several other advantages.


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