New windows are the ultimate energy saving measure

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New Windows Are The Ultimate Energy Saving Measure

Consumers are increasingly keen to discover ways in which they can save money on their energy bills as the cost of gas and electricity continues to rise at a dramatically rapid rate.

Even the smallest of changes can have a positive effect on energy use; using energy saving light bulbs is always a great way to decrease energy use.

Once you have been through the house and changed all the light bulbs, the next steps can be simple too; turning off your TV at the wall so that it doesn’t waste energy on standby or only boiling the kettle with as much water as you need. These small changes are all free and can add up to a good amount of saving over the year.

The problems begin with most homeowners after these inexpensive or free solutions have all been exhausted and implemented. Unfortunately, at this stage it is important to speculate to accumulate.

A new washing machine may cost hundreds of pounds, but if you are replacing a broken or old appliance then spending extra for an ‘A energy’ rated washer will mean that over its lifetime it will save you money.

This process is similar for most white good or consumer electronics; new TV’s no longer have the wasteful standby modes of an old TV so when you need to replace it you will benefit. Again, there are issues here too, these solutions are gradual and are only really useful each time an older and inefficient product breaks.

The final energy saving option requires a much larger leap of faith than all the previous suggestions; you get the biggest savings, however, you are not necessarily getting something new to use. This option is of course installing new double glazed windows.

The main issue is that not everyone will immediately see getting new windows as a ‘new thing’; it is not a dishwasher or TV. However, it is important to understand that modern double glazing glass can save you up to 40% on energy bills, far more than all of the other methods combined.

In this case, you are truly making a money-saving investment, not simply getting a treat which happens to save energy at the same time. Windows are not 1080p or Internet connected but TV’s will save you tens of pounds a year compared to energy efficient windows which may save you £1,000’s each year.

The important thing to do is to speak to double glazing installers in your area who can better describe the way in which you will benefit and find the right solutions for your home. Energy savings in the home are everywhere but the real savings are only available through double glazing windows.



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