How to save money this winter during the energy crisis

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How to save money this winter during the energy crisis

Within the next year the UK will be forced into an even worse energy crisis, without a plan to improve cold homes and dramatically reduce the nation’s necessity for gas. The UK is among the worst countries in Europe for energy efficient homes, according to new research highlighting a drastic need to reduce the amount of heat being wasted. 

It is widely believed that having energy-saving elements in your home such as uPVC windows and doors, saves money in the long run.

Improving Energy Efficiency

Single-glazed properties are fundamentally energy inefficient. In the winter these properties lose warm air, whilst in summer they are unable to retain cool air. As a result you may find yourself buying fans and air conditioning units not only using more energy and electricity in the long-term but costing money. These factors will further exacerbate the problem and worsen the ongoing crisis, in turn raising energy prices and household bills we are currently facing as a nation. If you are seeking a longer term solution, it is now more important than ever to invest in uPVC windows as they are the most energy efficient and cost-effective solution available.

We all hate wastage, so you’ll likely cringe at this stat; 25% of the energy you buy to heat your home is being lost through single glazing, or older inefficient double-glazed windows. Now is the perfect opportunity and time to look into upgrading to modern ‘A’ Rated windows. 

The experts at Plan-it Windows are experts at improving the energy efficiency of properties while simultaneously reducing the cost of replacing windows and suggest, ”quality double-glazing, weather tight seals, and multi-chambered profiles to ensure heat loss is kept to a minimum.” This will help to reduce the loss of heat through your windows by up to 70%, reducing the cost of your heating bills, as well as lower your carbon footprint, too. 

It’s not just windows that you have to consider but also doors. Whilst how your door looks is an essential element whilst choosing one, so too are other characteristics such as material and energy efficiency. Composite doors are a great choice if you are looking for a beautiful asset for your home as there’s a wide variety of colours and styles to suit any property whilst improving your home’s energy efficiency. If you love a wooden door, you will be relieved to know that you can still get a traditional look with a composite door. Sometimes, it’s even hard to tell the difference between wooden and composite doors.

Where should I look?

The demand for renovation products has increased across the nation, and many are seeking reputable companies. You’ll need to find one that offers a wide range of products such as acclaimed composite door fitter Rockdoor. As well such they offer popular conservatory solid roof systems, aluminium bi-folding doors, aluminium windows, orangeries and roofline products.


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