Enhance your home with hybrid windows

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Enhance Your Home with Hybrid Windows

Today there are more choices available than ever before when it comes to finding the right windows for your home. The key, as with most home improvements is to balance style and functionality otherwise you’ll be left with stunning looking windows that provide little energy efficiency or high performance windows that do little to enhance the overall appearance of your home.

The Perfect Blend

Hybrid windows perfectly combine the best elements of aluminium and timber to create a truly stunning, highly performance window. The high durability and low maintenance of aluminium go hand in hand with the traditional style and quality that we’ve all come to expect from fully pre-treated engineered timber. Once the timber has been pre-treated the likelihood of the timber warping or becoming twisted is eliminated which will provide peace of mind to those who’ve previously experienced problems with their timber windows.  To ensure the aluminium performs as expected it is powder coated which will considerably reduce the demands on maintenance.

Energy Efficiency

The importance of energy efficiency cannot be overstated and is something which all homeowners should demand as standard from their windows.  Hybrid windows provide high levels of thermal efficiency thanks to the latest glass technology which delivers U Values that exceed the current and expected future Building Regulation requirements. In order to achieve these impressive levels of thermal efficiency it is essential to permit the heat to transfer effectively through the timber which will allow the frame to maintain an optimum temperature of 20°c, resulting in minimal heat loss and condensation. Hybrid windows come with a number of different glazing options to maximise thermal efficiency and acoustic performances. Improved levels of security are achieved by carefully inserting the glazing in between the aluminium and timber frame.

Bespoke Finish

At the beginning we highlighted the need for style as well as functionality. This is where hybrid or coloured plexiglass windows come in to their own as they can be finished with virtually any colour in either high gloss, satin or matt to provide a look as individual as you are. So, not only do hybrid windows offer superior quality, thermal efficiency and lasting durability they’re also aesthetically pleasing.

If you want to benefit from energy efficient windows, reduce external noise levels and increase security without compromising on style, consider hybrid windows for your home.


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