How to maximise solar panel energy potential

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How To Maximise Solar Panel Energy Potential

Solar panels are considered one of the best renewable energy sources for both domestic and commercial properties. Also, with a push by  Governments from around the world to meet sustainability targets, solar panels are a great way to help homes and businesses meet these targets.

Despite the fact they are a great renewable energy source, they may not always be proving the best possible energy output. This reduction in efficiency is normally caused by certain factors which we will discuss below. Rectifying these problems should have your solar panels performing to the best of their capabilities.

Purchasing Quality Solar Panels

This should probably go without saying but, purchasing high-quality solar panels is one of the most important factors. Panels are built from photovoltaic cells, which in turn convert sunlight into energy. Some of these cells are more efficient than others. Because of this, selecting the better quality cells will start you off on the right track.

Bird Proofing Solutions

Due to solar panels being placed on roofs, they become a safe haven for birds, such as pigeons and seagulls, to settle and even nest. The panels’ warmth and shelter make them a great habitat for birds. Bird nesting materials and faeces on the panels can cause a significant reduction in energy performance. Just a tiny amount of bird guano on a panel can cause a disproportionate effect on efficiency. By choosing a solar panel bird proofing expert you will ensure the panels remain untouched by pest birds.

Avoid Shaded Areas

Although you may want to do your bit for the environment, make sure the area you are looking to install the solar panels is not shaded. Large trees, shrubs, and other high-rise buildings could seriously reduce the amount of quality sunlight the panels absorb, in turn making them redundant. Do your due diligence before requesting installation like checking sun positions for the times of the year and if other obstacles will get in the way.

Regular Cleaning Schedule

Solar panels shouldn’t require too much maintenance if installed correctly, and other solutions such as panel bird proofing are put in place, but now and again they may require cleaning. As they are on your roof, they are open to the elements. After heavy rainfall or long dry periods, you may find the panels become dusty, which reduces the performance. As a rule, once a year may be a good place to start, but depending on the environment you live in this will potentially be required more frequently.


As we have discussed solar panels are a fantastic way to provide energy for both residential and commercial properties alike, and go some way to helping with sustainability scores and provide savings on your energy bills. But, making sure they are always at the peak of their performance is a crucial task. From bird proofing your solar panels, cleaning, avoiding shaded areas, and selecting the best possible materials you will be well on your way to maximising the potential of your solar panels.


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