Why guttering is vital for an efficient drainage system

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Why Guttering is Vital for an Efficient Drainage System

If not looked after properly, rainwater can damage your building in numerous ways from the roof to the foundations, leading to unnecessary repair expenses. One of the ways you can use to prevent damage is to utilise an efficient drainage system such as guttering.

Although a guttering system may look like a small aspect of your building, it plays a critical role in protecting your home from excessive rainwater. You may be wondering why guttering is vital for efficient drainage. Keep reading for in-depth information.

Gutters are tiny troughs that are used to collect run-off water from your roof. Essentially, it directs water from the base of the building; thereby, protecting your house’s foundation. Here are some of the reasons you’ll need a great guttering system for efficient drainage.

Prevents Foundation Problems

As it rains, water moves typically downward towards the foundations of your building, which can be disastrous. Water in excess can cause damp in the foundations, which not only weaken it but lead to the formation of undesirable elements like mold and mildew. If you’ve allergies, you can attest to how mold and mildew can be dangerous.

Luckily, you can avoid all these issues if you install a sound guttering system on your roof. The gutters will redirect the rainwater falling from your roof and away from your building’s foundations. It will prevent having wet earth surrounding the foundations and prevent damage to your house.

Prevents Flooding

Rainwater not only destroys your foundations but could also leak into your basement, leading to flooding. A ridiculous amount of money goes into repairing damages caused by basement flooding. Whether the damage is minor due to light showers or catastrophic in heavy rains, it is expensive to repair basement flooding damages. You can avoid these mishaps if you install and maintain the right kind of guttering systems.

Just like in preventing foundation problems, gutters also direct water away from your basement. It is a waterproofing strategy that guarantees almost minimal to no water from leaking into your basement, hence no floods. Having gutters saves you from spending money on repairs for damages to other areas of your property.

Avoid Driveways and Sidewalks Cracking

Rain can be brutal. Excessive rainwater can move with speed and damage anything on its way, from landscaping to driveways and sidewalks.  And this results in heavy cracking and instability in your sidewalks.

Nobody wants a cracked sidewalk or driveway. Repairing cracks on Driveways and Sidewalks may cost you an arm and a leg. The good news is that you can avoid these unnecessary cracks if you apply the correct guttering unit.

The gutters will ensure your landscape is not negatively affected by rainwater by redirecting excess water away from the surfaces. It will protect your driveways and sidewalks from excessive water downpours and minimise any potential damages.

Avoid Water Damage to the Sides of your Property.

Too much rainwater may damage the sides of your building. Excessive dampness can promote mildew and mold growth. When water gets underneath the siding’s protective wrap, it may be cumbersome to gauge if the moisture heavily impacted the siding and caused significant damage to it.  Putting gutters on your roof will prevent excess rainwater from pouring on your siding and causing massive damage to it.

Protect Soil Stability and Prevent Soil Erosion

Both heavy downpour and light showers can slowly interfere with the strength of soil around your building. You may not notice it immediately, but after a while, you will see that the ground and turf is wearing out due to soil erosion caused by the water.

You can avoid this by installing efficient gutters on your roof. Channels will ensure water does not pour, at least not a large amount, directly on your properties surrounding. land Through this, you can be sure that no erosion will occur since it will preserve the soil’s stability around your house.

Protect your Properties Brickwork

Water can easily get absorbed into your bricks and cause water ingress. Water ingress is very common, especially in brick buildings. It can cause your house to be very damp, have a musty smell, and rot may even appear on your walls.

It is mainly caused by heavy rainfall sipping into your bricks. You can avoid this by creating gutters on your roofs. The channels will direct excess moisture away from your wall and prevent water ingress from slipping into your bricks.


From the above-explored reasons, you can appreciate that having a sound guttering system in your building is an essential aspect of protecting your property. The guttering system may appear like a negligible aspect of your building, but it plays a critical role. To ensure you’re guttering system is correctly installed and working in an optimal manor consider using a guttering specialist.


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