How to use your recycled material in your garden

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How to Use Your Recycled Material in Your Garden

Are  you looking for ways in which you can spice up your garden, while still  remaining eco-friendly? Utilising recycled material in your garden can  spice things up, give it a unique look, and allow you to remain  environmentally friendly. A few fun, innovative, and interesting  recycled decorations for your garden and landscaping include.


Wood for Decorations and Mulch

Instead of just throwing away your old furniture and wood, have you  ever considered utilizing it in your garden as a decoration, or breaking  it down along with other natural substances such as bark, plants and  grass clippings to turn it into mulch?

Adding wood as decorations to  various areas of your garden can give it a unique look, while keeping  that natural feel. Furthermore, utilising the wood for mulch will  certainly improve your garden, and act as a fertiliser. Next time,  instead of throwing that old piece of wood away, consider what type of  uses it may have in your garden.

Plastic Bottles For a Variety of Uses

Everyone knows that plastic material is about the least  environmentally friendly thing currently on earth. It is not  biodegradable, and can last hundreds of years before breaking down. 

Instead of throwing plastic away, and having it end up in your local  landfill, consider what other uses it may have. You could cut off the  top of the 2 L bottle and use it as a planting pot, or utilize old  Tupperware as a gardening tool.

Finding multiple uses for plastic items  extends their life, and reduces the likelihood that they will not be  properly recycled.

Dead Plants As Fertilizer

Instead of ripping dead plants out of the ground and throwing them  into your yard waste bin, consider starting a compost pile and throwing  dead plant material and grass clippings into that.

A compost pile only  gets better with age as more plants decompose in a, providing you with a  high-quality fertilizer that can be used in your garden and improve the  growth rate and life of future plants in your garden.

Old Metal Items For Rustic Decorations

Instead of just throwing away your old metal items, consider what  types of uses they could potentially have in your garden. Metal items  might not seem like an ideal decoration for a garden, but over time as  the items begin to rust, they can give your garden a rustic look and  feel, which is a unique way to go about decorating the area.

Instead of  throwing away your old metal bucket, utilise it as a planting pot. Old  car parts that will rust and oxidise quickly are great decorations for a  garden, and give it a rustic, unkempt look.

Pallets For Climbing Plants or Layered Gardening

Do you have some old pallets lying around your work after receiving a  shipment? Instead of just allowing them to be thrown away, bring a few  home and stand them up around the edges of your garden. Pallets make for  an excellent service for climbing plants, or can even have plants  planted on each plank of the pallet, creating a layered look.


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