How serious is a missing roof tile?

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How Serious Is A Missing Roof Tile?

If you’ve noticed your roof is missing a tile or several of them, you may be wondering what the consequences could be. Whilst it might not seem like a big problem, it could lead to a leak occurring. This could result in damage to your interiors and even expensive structural work being required. Read on to find out how serious is a missing roof tile. 

How can I spot a missing roof tile?

Often, you can spot a missing tile without needing to use a ladder to see what’s happening on your roof. If you walk around your property, any missing tiles will usually be visible from ground level. Although, you may first notice that a tile is missing after it’s fallen off your roof and landed in your garden or yard. Once you know that a tile is missing from your roof, take action to replace it without delay. Thin in turn will lead to a roof repair. 

Why might a roof tile fall off?

Tiles can come away from roofs for a number of reasons. The most common cause is bad weather. Strong winds and heavy rain can pull tiles out of place, particularly if they weren’t fixed in securely in the first place. Another possible reason for a roof tile coming loose and falling away is that the nails have worn away. When the nails that hold the tiles in place on the roof start to rust and wear away, they become too weak to hold the tiles securely. Whatever the reason for a roof tile falling off, it needs to be replaced sooner rather than later. 

Can a missing roof tile cause leaks?

If you have a missing roof tile, you may be wondering if you should be worried about leaks. Unfortunately, it is the case that a missing tile can lead to a leak occurring in your property. Even if the gap is relatively small, rain can still find its way into your home, causing considerable damage. You might think that water leaking into the roof space isn’t that serious, especially if you don’t use it for much. However, the problem won’t stop there. 

Water in the roof space can eventually seep down into the main part of the house, leading to mould and mildew developing on the walls or ceilings upstairs. It can even cause damage to the timbers and create rot, ensuring that major structural work is required. Most modern roofs have a waterproof underlay installed to prevent moisture from getting in straight away. However, this isn’t impenetrable and eventually it will leak into the roof space.

Once the wind and rain begin penetrating your roof, the other tiles can start to become vulnerable, potentially coming loose and falling away themselves. Don’t ignore missing tiles on the roof of your property. A single missing tile can quickly escalate, becoming a bigger, more expensive problem. You need to act quickly once you’ve spotted a missing roof tile so that you can keep repair bills to a minimum. 

Can a missing roof tile lead to infestation?

It’s not just leaks that you need to worry about when tiles fall away from your home’s roof. Gaps in your roof can lead to an infestation fast, providing an access point for birds, bats and even rodents. They can take up habitation in your attic where they can cause a whole host of problems. Aside from being plain unpleasant, an infestation can lead to health risks from fleas and other diseases and even serious structural issues. Once an infestation is present, you’ll need to arrange extermination services as well as repair damage caused by the pests. 

What should I do if I spot a missing roof tile?

If you’ve spotted a missing tile on your roof, don’t ignore it. You should book a roof inspection as soon as possible so that an experienced roofer can assess your roof and advise you on what to do next. Whilst you may only need to replace one tile, it’s possible that several of them will need to be replaced if they’re missing or damaged.

Will a full re-roofing be required?

Your roof inspector can tell you if a full re-roofing is required once they’ve assessed your roof. If you have an older roof, the tiles might have been back-pointed to help them remain in place. However, this isn’t a permanent solution. Once wearing happens, several tiles could begin to become loose. In some cases, it’s simpler and more affordable to replace the whole roof than one tile after another as they start to fall away. 

The importance of good roof management

Don’t underestimate the importance of taking good care of your roof. Making sure it’s protected from the elements is crucial for preventing leaks and damage from occurring in your home. Experts recommend that a full roof inspection is carried out at least annually, ideally before the winter months arrive. This will help to ensure that the roof is prepared for the extreme weather. An inspection after the winter period is also recommended since this can help to identify any damage as quickly as possible. 

Hire a reputable roofing company 

A missing roof tile might not seem like a serious problem, however, it has the potential to cause serious issues if not addressed quickly. Leaks can occur, causing damage not just to your interiors but impacting the structural integrity of the property. To replace a missing tile on your roof, enlist a local roofing company as soon as possible. They can replace the tile whilst also thoroughly inspecting the roof, making sure any other damage is repaired straight away. 
Now you know how serious a missing roof tile is, you may be looking for a good local roofing company. For roofers in Grimsby, look no further than Raven Roofing and Repairs.


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