Creative porch update ideas for your property

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Creative Porch Update Ideas for Your Property

Now that the coldest time of the year is behind us and we’re heading back into the warmer months, it pays to think about how you can best utilise all areas of your home, inside and out, during the summer and beyond. 

Porches are something many of us have and enjoy at home since they practically extend our living spaces. They can also add to curb appeal and property value, which is great if you’re planning on selling up and moving homes soon. If you’re looking for some inspiration for this area, read on for ideas to consider.

Select Differently Shaped Furniture Pieces

Firstly, you’ll add more interest and visual appeal to a porch area if you avoid sticking with furniture that’s designed in a bulky, boxy way. A lot of products created for outdoor spaces tend to have such shapes, which end up creating a heavier and more “same-same” look than you’ll likely desire. If however you vary your furnitures shapes sizes you can avoid this and create something unique. 

For instance, you could buy an outdoor couch with a solid, square frame and pair it with some more slender, spindly single chairs nearby. Or, you could purchase barrel-back wicker chairs and pop them next to an angular daybed to keep things lighter and airier. 

Create Zones on Your Porch

This won’t be quite as applicable if your porch is of limited in space, but if you have a decent-sized area to work with, it’s best to allocate different parts of it to various activities. Creating zones is a great way to update this outdoor space in a way that makes it more user-friendly and visually appealing. 

Conduct some smart space planning by working out what you and your family want to do on your porch and then setting up different parts of it for each function. Before you start, though, think about the practicalities of various spots. For instance, examine if there are walkways to configure around, spaces where you get more or less light or parts that are handily near your kitchen for food.

You might put a sofa and chair combination close to a walkway where you can push or angle the backs of the furniture up against a wall or railing to make room to walk nearby. Or, you could put an outdoor dining set closer to the door from your kitchen or set up a day bed or exercise and meditation spaces where the light and noise levels are optimal for such quiet activities. 

Add a Focal Point Overhead

Another tip is to think about ways to draw attention to your porch is to make the area appear bigger and accentuate the fact that you’re outside. Plus, it’s always wise to have a focal point from a design perspective. The best options are to utilise ceiling fans or overhead lights to work as multi-function fixtures. They do double duty by moving hot air around and boosting illumination at dusk, early morning and at night, while also giving the eye something to be drawn to. 

You might even select modern ceiling fans with built-in lights and remote-control functionality. Whether you opt for all-in-one products or separate fans and lights, consider finding elegant, sculptural versions in colours that match your outdoor palette to increase visual interest. 

Dress Up the Patio Floor

On the other hand, don’t be afraid to look down when updating your porch. You can dress up the floor of this area to freshen up this outside zone. For instance, you might lay some colourful tiles or even a portion of mosaic. Alternatively choose funky paint colours for the flooring or replace old pavers or timber with a modern alternative . An easier way to transform the space is to utilise large area rugs. You can use one or more depending on the size of your porch and set them up so that they delineate the different external zones you’ve created. 

Other ways to revamp your porch and bring more oomph to this part of your property include adding pattern with fabrics, incorporating some striking artworks and sculptures or bring in a water or fire feature. You might also use handy window treatments to make the porch more usable year-round. 

As you can see, there are numerous ways to renovate your porch and make this external living area somewhere you and your family want to spend more time, no matter the time of the year. Test out a few ideas to see what works for your space and your needs, and keep tweaking as needed over the months ahead. 


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