How to modernise the exterior of your home

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How to Modernise The Exterior of Your Home

Upgrading your home brings many benefits. You’ll live in a more comfortable, practical home; you’ll add value to your property; and it can be exciting planning your upgrades. However, upgrading the exterior of your home can be overlooked in favour of internal improvements. But there’s a lot to be said for freshening up the exterior. Below, we explore how you can modernise the exterior of your home. 

Why modernise your home exterior?

The exterior of your home is well worth upgrading. For a start, this is the first sight for visitors when they arrive at your home – the first impression counts for a lot. What’s more, a modern exterior can dovetail neatly with a recently refurbished interior, or it can lay the foundations for you to move forwards and modernise the interior too. 

Front door

It’s easy to forget that your front door says a lot about your home. And there are plenty of ways you can modernise it. The trend these days is to opt for black, greys and blues as the new colour for your exterior door. Meanwhile, you could also switch out your plastic PVC door for the more polished appearance of a wooden door. 


The roofing on your home can give away how old the property is. Rather than continuing with tired, dull roofing, you should consider modernising this part of your home. One option to upgrade is to go with more modern Spanish roof slates for your property to give your exterior a fresh style. Just ensure that you hire some competent and trustworthy contractors to help you achieve this safely. 


A cost-effective way to modernise your home’s exterior is to maintain your driveway. This can seem like something simple, but if you look after your driveway, you’ll notice the difference. This involves weeding to remove any plants growing there. And you might also need to rake your driveway to ensure that your stones remain evenly spread. If you do want to spend money to facilitate this process, you could always buy new gravel for the driveway too. 


The gate, if you have one, is the first thing visitors will interact with. When it comes to first impressions the gate is up there. You want one in good working order and preferably not hanging off the hinges as this will set the tone for the rest of your visitors’ interactions whilst at the property. Whether you opt for a wooden gate or metal one it’s important that it opens and is in good condition.

Front garden

Creating and maintaining a beautiful front garden can completely change the complexion of your home. This could be something as simple as regularly clipping and edging your grass. Or you could try and design some colourful, vibrant flowerbeds to line the front of your home. Ultimately, you can be as creative as you like when you look to design your front garden!

Modernising the exterior of your home can be an exciting project. And by following the guide above, you should be set to upgrade your property and enjoy the benefits for years to come. 


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