Garage door maintenance tips

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Garage Door Maintenance Tips

You will no doubt have invested substantial money into your garage, whether through the goods it stores or the constructing/purchasing of the garage itself.

Follow these simple tips and achieve a longer lifespan as well as reaping more benefits from your garage.

The Garage Door Itself

Firstly, most garage doors parts are available from your local hardware store or online. Remember to check around so to get the best price.

In terms of the garage door, you’ll want to make sure that the door is not warped (which tends to happen over time with wooden garage doors).

If you have noticed that it catches on the track as you open the door then a lubricant or new garage door parts will allow it to run smoothly again.

A garage door can easily be wiped down with warm soapy water – this will mean it continues to look its best. Wooden doors will need staining every other year to ensure the wood remains in good condition.

If you have an electric door opener the first thing to keep on top of is the remote control batteries! When they are running low, don’t take them out, rub them and wish on a lucky star. This can solve quite a few problems people encounter.

Installing shelving and drawers will provide a place to store your parts, machinery, or unused items – this is one of the simplest ways to maximize on your storage area. Equally, should you be unfortunate to encounter flooding, items will be off the ground and away from harm.

Those of us who lock their garages to protect the tools and other important equipment kept inside would be wise to have an extra key cut, just in case of an emergency.

Garage Door Insulation

 If you spend a lot of time out in your garage you may appreciate the insulation on the wall. You can decorate the walls with sheet rock or plywood. There are also wood paneling sections that you can purchase that are easy to put up with a simple measuring tape, saw, and paneling nails.

When insulating your garage it is important that you remember proper ventilation. Those working on running vehicles must ensure gas fumes have a means to escape. An overload of fumes can prove deadly.

Garage Door Leaks

Most garages are open to the elements, so you’ll want to make sure that all access points are adequately sealed. This will limit the potential for leaks. Check the seams on the door, as well as any windows.

Any loose tiles on the roof will want securing in place. You can purchase rubber seals as well as grouting for tiles to repair any faults from most hardware retailers, or alternatively look online.


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