How well does your garage match your lifestyle?

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How Well Does Your Garage Match Your Lifestyle?

When re-designing the home there has been a growing trend amongst homeowners to design and decorate each room of the house around the personality and lifestyle of the user.  

Rather than just carrying out a “quick fix”, home owners are now considering the purpose and personality of each room to ensure that the paint scheme and furniture layout provides a “best fit” for the needs of the user.

For the homeowner each room now needs to set the right tone for the house and needs to focus on creating the perfect environment for the purpose it has been given.

The living room for instance is generally recognised as being the heart of the home and is the one main space where the whole family goes to relax and rewind after a hard day.

In this case the homeowner will generally go for calm and serene colours as well as open and airy furniture arrangements to allow the family to enjoy the space more effectively and relax more easily.

Don’t Overlook The Garage

Although the home owner is achieving this goal more effectively throughout the home it is a well-known fact that there is always one room that is used as much as the rest of the house but is so often overlooked, the garage!

It is a well-known fact that the main part of the house that poses the most stress and frustration to the homeowner is the humble garage. Often seen simply as a “dumping ground” for all those tools, sports and garden equipment, the garage is invariably the one part of the home that is never styled around the personality and style of the user and is simply left to grow clutter and dust.

Unlike the rest of the home the garage is never styled to work in with the purpose that it has been given and is given very little thought to ensure that it is designed around the personality and lifestyle of the user.

Enhanced Garages

However, why shouldn’t your garage be as enjoyable and practical as the rest of your home? With the increasing growth of the Dura Fitted Garage System the garage can now be as enjoyable and personal as the rest of the house.

Whatever the lifestyle or personality of the individual a Dura Fitted Garage can help you to re-structure and re-organise your garage to create an environment that is suited to the individual needs of the user.

Whether you are a car enthusiast and need that extra bit of storage for all those expensive tools or are a keen sportsman and need a more suitable location to store away your unique sports equipment, a Dura Fitted Garage can transform your garage for the better.

No longer does the garage need to be that forgotten room as the Dura Fitted Garage can be as uniquely designed as the living room. With tailor garage cabinets that are made to measure and colour schemed to the users exact requirements, the garage can be transformed into a stylish and stunning environment that is easy to work in and that works around the individual.

Dura can then further increase the style and practicality of the garage environment with bespoke wall storage and unique garage flooring solutions.

So if like your living room you require a garage that uses serene and calming colours and makes use of practical and easy to manage storage then a Dura Garage is the ideal solution.


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