Give your garage door a makeover

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Give Your Garage Door a Makeover

Let’s talk doors, garage doors. I suppose most people wouldn’t give much thought to them but as they take up such a large part of your house it is the most noticeable part of the façade. Choosing the right garage door for your home is like getting a facelift. It can instantly improve the aesthetic appeal of the house and therefore increase the resell value.

There are several things you need to consider when looking to purchase a garage door. There are of course the more obvious things like what mechanism should you choose (up and over, roller door, side hinged or round the corner), the type of material (wooden, aluminium, steel or fiberglass), the size, weatherproofing and the insulation.

A less obvious thing to consider is the current design of your house and how you want it to be seen. Do you have a Tudor style home, a Victorian or a new build? All these things will need to be considered as the garage door that you finally decide on will have an effect on the image of your home. After all how often do you buy a garage door? If chosen correctly maybe only once or twice in a lifetime.

For a quick jab of Botox to reinvigorate your home, look at the garage door you currently have. Did you know that the most popular colours for garage doors in the UK are brown, blue or white? To stand out from your neighbours a different colour like a bright yellow or red can really make the difference.

If you are feeling bold go for a bit of garage door art. You can find great inspiration on the web of what you can do with a bit of spray paint and stencilling. Or if you’re not feeling confident in your own creative skills German company Style Your Garage creates weather proof stick on art for your garage door that will give the illusion that you’re looking into the contents of a pretty odd garage.

The most popular stick on art looks like any man’s fantasy; motorbikes, formula one car, or a fighter jet plane. Then there is the art that really makes you look twice; giant crocodiles, an elephant or a picturesque Italian country scene.

Whatever you do with your garage door, whether you stick with a conventional garage door or choose from among a range of affordable secure Garage Doors. Ensure your garage door is perfect for you and make sure it adds to the value of your home.


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