Cleaning out the garage

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Cleaning Out The Garage

It wouldn’t be inappropriate to suggest that around 9/10 garages are full of rubbish that people just put in there for the sake of putting it somewhere outside of the house.

Most of the stuff that ends up in the garage is either tools that are used once, maybe twice a year, or old items that people couldn’t really throw away but yet have no need for.

Going by experience, people have been known to keep old televisions from the 80s/90s and early 00’s in their garages because they can’t be bothered to throw them away! It doesn’t just end there; people keep old fridges, washing machines and even dining room tables in their garage.

A lot of people forget that the garage is first things first, a storage solution for your car! Not only is it a lot more secure, but it also helps protect your vehicle from the weather conditions (which as we know in the UK, can vary drastically!)

With all of this in mind, how on earth do you go about cleaning out the garage for your car?

Plan Out A Weekend

Unless you intend to wait a period of 3-6 months before the garage is ready for your vehicle it is advised that you clear a whole weekend away from the schedule and just crack on.

Although it is going to require a bit of elbow grease for a number of hours, it will mean that you don’t have to worry about clearing out the garage for at least the next few years. Plus, were you to do it only an hour every now and again, the rate at which you add junk to the garage, as opposed to take it away, will likely not balance!

Hire A Skip

Although you could make multiple trips to the local tip/dump when clearing out, it is far more cost and time effective to hire out a skip for the weekend and chuck everything you don’t want straight into there. Arrange for the collection at the end of the weekend or on the Monday morning and you never have to worry about those old things again!

The one thing to be careful of when throwing out things is that you should really be shredding all important documents rather than simply throwing them out. If you have your own shredder then get one of the kids or your partner do the shredding whilst you focus on the main cleaning. If you don’t have your own shredder you can rent them nowadays for a fairly reasonable price. Plus, it makes great bedding for pets!

Clean The Garage Properly

When you have cleared the garage of space, you must then ensure that you give it a good wipe down with a damp cloth, followed by a vacuum. Garages can suffer from rodent problems so make sure that you look for the tell tale signs and act on it if necessary.

Once the garage has been transformed into a wonderful empty space for your car you might like to invest in some decent lighting. Not only is access to your garage then easier, it’s also means you can keep track of the items that slowly start creeping their way back in there!

Who knows, you might even have enough space for a pool table?


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