3 ways to give your garden fence a brand new look

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3 Ways To Give your Garden Fence A Brand New Look

If your garden fence is starting to look old and tired, there’s a danger it could ruin the appearance of an otherwise well-kept garden. But even the most uncared for fence can be brought back to life with a little TLC.

In fact, there are a few tricks that can make your old fence look much fresher and less run-down without the hassle of replacing it completely.



If your fence has become damaged or affected by mould, it is possible to make it look newer with simple cleansing and repair.

For example, loose planks can be quite easily nailed back into place.

To shift unsightly green patches caused by algae like substances, you can pressure wash on a mid-strength setting. The water uproots the mould while still being a wood friendly substance. Avoid spraying too closely as the close proximity could cause the fence panel to splinter and fray.

Alternatively, mould & mildew products are available from most DIY stores which can be applied to chemically stave off the unwanted colourisation.

In a similar way to preparing a room for decorating, scrubbing fence panels with a stiff brush will help remove dust, plant and animal matter (including bird droppings) that have gathered over time. If this doesn’t prove enough to revive your fence you could try lightly sanding it. The previous actions then leave your fence ready for the application of a suitable wood treatment or sealant which ensures it is weather proof from the elements.

A Lick of Paint

A simple layer of paint can do wonders when trying to refresh the look of your garden fence. In fact, it will improve the look of your garden on multiple levels.

Firstly, fresh paint will have a bright, strong colour and give your fence a clean appearance, making it instantly look newer. Secondly, it will make it more visually interesting and distract the eye from any slight wear and tear. Lastly, a different colour will give it a new and interesting look, which will make for a refreshing change and make it seem almost like it has been replaced.

Use specialist paints designed for use outdoors on garden fences and furniture. This type of paint will stand up to weathering and provide a protective shield for the wood. These can be applied either by brush or spray, and are available in a range of colours. Pastel shades, including olive green, baby blue and dusky pink are this year’s trending colours, helping to achieve the beach hut type look.

Climbing Plants

Climbing plants are a great way to hide an unattractive or neglected fence. Depending on what type of plant you go with and what type of fence you have, it may be able to climb straight up the fence itself or you may need to attach wires to give your plants a helping hand.

Either way, the benefits are huge. For one thing, it allows you to utilise previously unused space, so instead of a straight stretch of plain, slightly battered wood, your fence will be complemented by greenery or a beautiful arrangement of flowers.

Climbing plants are also useful for disguising problems. For example, you might have a fence that is largely in good condition, but you have one section that doesn’t match or has been damaged and obviously repaired. Strategic placement of a climbing plant will be a bit like hanging a beautiful picture over damaged plaster. It will not only disguise the problem, but cover it up with something much more interesting and attractive.

All-in-all, dealing with a battered garden fence or damaged panel doesn’t have to mean replacing it. There are plenty of options and DIY fixes that could save you hundreds of pounds and really refresh your old fence – whether it requires a simple scrub down, or a more complex repair.

On the other hand, if your fence, or even just a panel, is seriously damaged it could make your home less secure, allowing easy access for intruders. And if you have inquisitive pets or young children, they could get hurt or wander off. If this is the case, it may be worthwhile to consider contacting a contractor for new fencing, which when added professionally should allow for a commendable lifespan.

If you’re looking to go a little further and thinking about giving the whole garden an upgrade, you could consider a hot tub or even new Garden Furniture or accessories


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