What to consider when installing a new driveway at home

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What To Consider When Installing A New Driveway At Home

Adding a driveway is a good investment. From the practical advantages of having somewhere safe to park your car to the aesthetics it can bring to the outside of your home, there are many benefits to having a drive. It can also add between five to ten percent to your property value and is hugely attractive to prospective buyers if the time ever comes to sell.

Whether you’re repairing the wear and tear of your old driveway or designing something completely new, there are some things you consider. This guide has all the information you should keep in mind when fitting a new driveway. 

Material choice 

There are many different materials you can use for a driveway and each one offers a different effect. One of the most popular options, using block paving for your driveway creates consistent and smooth service that is highly resistant to wear, chemicals and frost. Gravel or stone on the other hand is much higher maintenance and frustrating to maintain. 

Opt for a classic brick look or sleek dark slate and granite effect if you want something more modern and attractive. 


Your driveway is exposed to the elements outside so it can soon get bogged down with moss, leaves and other outdoor debris. Heavy rainfall is common in the UK, so you need proper drainage installed to prevent your driveway from flooding and eroding. 

Using special filter blocks will allow water to drain away rather than pooling up and creating problems. This is especially safer for those with children or properties sitting on hillsides, as these puddles tend to freeze in cold weather. This makes parking on the driveway precarious in the winter months. 

Design and layout 

Once the functional aspects of your driveway are out of the way, you can put all your focus into the design and layout. While you might not think driveways are known for their beauty, some well-thought-out drive design ideas can make all the difference. 

You want your drive to ooze kerbside appeal and be a welcoming entrance for your guests and family. Think about how you can use planters and tiles to create borders on your driveway to create a welcoming effect. These can be styled to separate parking spaces and enforce boundaries around the front of your property. 


Small, large, wide or narrow – whatever sized space you are working with, you need to consider how to make the most of it. Think about the number and type of car you will be parking on it, and how much space will be required to easily manoeuvre in and out. 

If you have a garage, can you pull up to it easily without damaging your vehicle? These are all things you should keep in mind when designing your driveway. 


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