What is a cctv drain survey?

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What is a CCTV drain survey?

A CCTV is a high tech closed circuit television. A CCTV survey uses a CCTV camera connected to a cable that feeds back images or video of the area around the camera. A CCTV drain survey is simply a drain survey performed with CCTV instead of a simpler camera or locating device, or worse, by feel and approximate length of the cable sent down the drain. This might be done through the pipes in your wall or the sewer pipes leading from the house. 

Why do people have CCTV surveys done? 

CCTV surveys may be part of a site survey. Or it may be the precursor to repair work or quick fixes being done. For example, a CCTV survey can determine why your drains are slow to drain or the source of that foul odor in the form of a sewage pipe leak. Many plumbers can send the CCTV snake down the drain, and once they know where the blockage is, send tools back to that exact spot to clear the blockage. In the case of leaks, they might be able to squirt a patch on it. Or they have to dig up the area and fix it, but now they know exactly where to do the work. In the case of clean water pipes, you could learn where the pipe is leaking and what to do about it, including when you have to ask the city to repair their lines. 

The CCTV survey can map out the entire existing sewage and clean water delivery system. You will know where all the drains and wastewater pipes are, including ones you didn’t know where buried under dirt and debris. 

Hire experts like Coastal Drains to determine the state of your septic tank without having to open it. Then you avoid that work and the nasty smells it can cause. 

What are the benefits of a CCTV survey? 

CCTV surveys are non-destructive. No one has to rip up the floor to get to pipe to merely determine their condition. No one is digging up your yard to learn what state the drainage system is in. You won’t be ripping out trees because you think that their roots are the problem. 

A CCTV drain survey can be used to examine the condition of existing drain systems. Instead of just knowing where blockages are, you know which sections of pipe are in dire need of replacement. You also won’t pay to replace perfectly serviceable section. 

CCTV surveys are cheaper than the alternative, since it dramatically reduces the labor costs associated with repairs. You won’t dig up pipes to fix a cracked section when the real problem is bigger than that. You won’t try to patch a single hole when the issue is corroding pipe along a long stretch.

CCTV surveys are less disruptive. You might not have to turn off water to the house. You could have a sewer line checked but continue to use your toilets or sinks in some cases. Of course, you want to ask the plumber before doing so.


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