Stop sewers from backing up

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Stop Sewers From Backing Up

A backed up sewer line is not something that a homeowner wants to contemplate, much less experience. However, there are some things a homeowner can do to make sure that the sewer says clear and working. Here are four of them:

Have The Septic Tank Cleaned Out

This should be done every few years by a professional plumbing contractor. A septic tank that’s allowed to get too full not only causes back-ups in the sewer line but shoots solid waste into the drainage field. Whatever it costs to clean out the septic tank is nothing compared to the cost of getting the entire system replaced.

Gently Clear Out Clogs

Now and then, sprinkle about half a cup of baking soda in the drain, then pour on about a half a cup or more of white vinegar. Allow it to bubble, then flush it with a pot of boiling water. Boiling water can also be poured down the toilet bowl. Sometimes, this is all it takes to get rid of a stubborn clog.

Get Rid of Tree Roots

Tree roots in drains are a big cause of sewer back up. The roots of trees and shrubs find the water and nutrients that flow through a sewer pipe irresistible. The first thing to do is to make sure that no tree or shrub is planted in the vicinity of the sewer line. However, even a tree or shrub that looks like it was planted a safe distance away can have an extensive roots system that finds and infiltrates the drainpipe.

There are two ways a homeowner can get rid of tree roots. He or she can open the clean out plug in the sewer pipe and use an auger to cut out the roots. Another way is to flush chemicals down the toilet to kill the roots. One caveat is that some chemicals will not only kill the roots but will kill the tree. The homeowner might want to consult with pros like those at Hamilton Sewer and Drain for more information.

Be Careful What Goes Down the Drain

The household should avoid flushing materials down the drain like grease, hair, diapers or other things that can cause clogs. Homeowners who have private septic systems should be especially careful about what goes down the sink, tub or toilet. For example, people who have septic systems shouldn’t install garbage disposal units, which can overwhelm the system.

These four tricks to keep the sewer free and clear are easy to do and inexpensive. Moreover, they’ll save a homeowner the horror and expense of cleaning up a backup.

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