How drain relining can fix your drain

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How Drain Relining Can Fix Your Drain

Home Sweet Home. We all love our homes. Whenever we’re tired or away for days, we miss the comforts of home. We have precious memories of our homes because most of us have spent our childhoods or other valuable times in our life there. Obviously, home improvement is one such task which everyone does sooner or later because nobody wants to live around unhealthy or uncomfortable surroundings.

With time, your home becomes older and so do the materials used in the home like the furniture, pipes, wires etc. With pipes and drainage systems, you will usually encounter leakage or breakage over time. In this article we will specifically discuss how drain relining can fix your drain.


Pipe and Drain Relining

Drains and pipes which are located externally are more prone to damage. They can get damaged for many reasons and these damages can leave the pipes unfit for use. Damage can depend on the location and environment you live in. For example, in humid areas like Brighton, there can be a higher chance of drain damage.

So what Does Pipe and Drain Relining mean?

Usually, when a pipe damages, we look to the simple solution of replacing it. But this is not always as straightforward as you may think because of difficulties such as digging trenches. The cost of replacing drains can also be high.

So another option is relining the pipes. Pipe relining is a process of repairing the pipes rather than replacing them. A sewer line or an entire pipe work can be repaired by constructing a new pipe within the existing one. This is done by no dig or trenchless techniques.

Advantages of Pipe and Drain Relining

Here are some advantages of implementing relining:

Save money, time and effort – Relining techniques do not require digging, so this can save a lot of time, effort and digging costs.

Repair a range of damages – These techniques can be used to repair leaking joints, tree root intrusions, big cracks and minor and major pipe failures.

Varied applications – Relining is suitable for domestic, industrial and commercial applications.

Permanent solution – Relining is a permanent solution to all the drainage related problems and offers highly improved flow characteristics. The minimum length of 0.5m can be installed using relining.

Government Approved– Relining is a government approved technique.

When should drain and pipe relining be used? How is it done?

Sites, scenarios and working are always different but in most cases, relining is a successful solution. The relining technique is initiated by passing a camera through the pipe. This helps to identify the spots where damage has occurred and which method must be used next. The process is known as the detailed drain camera inspection technique.

Critical situations in terms of drain relining may occur when the diameter of the pipe is small. The tolerance of a thick pipe is obviously greater than that of a thinner pipe.

Tree roots are a major threat to pipelines as they can break the pipeline. Tree roots are very strong and slowly push their way out from a pipe.

 Once inspected with a drain camera, weak spots are identified. It’s not always that the complete pipe is damaged. In most cases, only a few spots are damaged.

After calculating the diameter of the original pipe, the next step is to repair the pipe using relining. The thickness of the new pipe is decided by the experts and that’s it, your drain problem is solved.


Drainage and pipe problems are not a new thing. They have been there since the existence of pipes and drainage. Solving these problems using newer techniques is the best solution in most cases as it cuts down expenses, effort, time and is eco-friendly.

If you have drain problems, you can get more information from experts such as those at Detection Drain Services.


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