3 ways to prepare your drains for flooding and bad weather

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3 Ways to Prepare Your Drains for Flooding and Bad Weather

Storms and flooding can be damaging in many ways for your property. The heavy rainfall and strong winds can leave a trail of damage in their wake, only evident when the clouds clear from up rooting tree, to lifting of roof tiles and flooding. Fortunately, there are things you can do to limit potential damage before the weather turns and hits your home.

From plumber across the country are often called in to fix damaged drains after stormy weather. Over the years, they’ve divulged their secrets and left with with an array of tips that can help you, before you have to call a plumbing service.

These tips are by no means an extensive list and we’d always recommend you seek the professional advice of a plumber regarding your properties water flow and drain, preferably before bad weather. While there is no way to completely prevent the damage storms and flooding can cause, these tips should help you mitigate some of the problems that may arise.

Check the drains in advance 

A property’s drainage system is the first line of defence when heavy rains afoot. Gutters and outdoor drainage must be in working order to divert excess water away from home and direct it towards the main drainage system. With an effective roof drainage system in place your walls, windows and ground can prevent becoming flooded.

If rain fall is brought and coupled with heavy winds water can descend in unexpected directions and uncommon angles, hitting the sides of your home, causing leaks into the property. You must ensure that the guttering on your roof is free from debris and blockages, otherwise they will overflow. You’ll also want to ensure any storm drains on your properties boundary are clear and free of blockages to prevent overflow at ground level. If not, you’ll want to seek professional aid. Wether you need plumbers in Bethnal Green, Glasgow or Galloway, if a storm is brewing book them in as soon as possible.

When inspecting gutters and drains, always look for weeds, trash, leaves and even vegetation as they often clog together. Ensure you clear out anything likely to fall into the drainage system, prevent blockages in places where accessibility is even more difficult. Proactively calling a plumber for assistance of clearing blocked drains will greatly prevent any significant damage to your property from flooding.


Test the Sump Pump 

A sump pump is necessary if plumbed parts of your home are below ground level or if your property is susceptible to, or frequently flooded during a storm. If your basement floods and the water levels reach a certain point the sump pump automatically turns on and pumps the water out and away from the home’s foundation, safeguarding against any damage.

You must always test the sump pump to ensure everything works properly before the storms and bad weather rolls in. If it’s not working, check for any debris that might block the float, clean out the sump pump’s recesses housing to ensure it can efficiently pump out the water. If that doesn’t work, contact a professional to fix it.

Locate the Main Water Valve

Every property owner should know where their mains water valve is. This valve is the first stop when there is flooding in the house. If flooding is from an external source, you’ll want to turn of the water valve to prevent additional water from internal flooding. If you’re facing internal flooding problems then you definitely need to turn off the mains water to control burst pipes, water heater malfunctions, or any other water inflow.

If the weather turns to dangerous levels where you have to evacuate during floods you need to evacuate quickly. You should, where possible turn off the water and drain all your pipes before you vacate the house. Turning off the water prevents contaminated stormwater from entering the system it will also keeps your pipes clean.


These tips will help you prepare for a possible flood and potential storms and assist you in minimising flood damage to your property. If you are suffering from blocked drains in Medway, Manchester or Merseyside and are expecting a storm get them cleaned out. Schedule an inspection from reputable plumbers who can help you evaluate the state of the drainage system and advise you accordingly.


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