The secrets your garage door reveals about you

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The Secrets Your Garage Door Reveals About You

Some say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but we think garage doors fare just as well. 

There’s a lot you can gauge about someone from the way their garage door looks. If, for example, their garage door is unintentionally patterned with bonnet-shaped dents, it tells you never to get in the car with them. But even a brand new garage door can say a lot about a person. The colours, materials and styles you pick are guided by psychological processes that stem from aspects of your personality. This article is going to detail some of those connections. We’ll be exploring what your choice of garage doors reveals about you.



Colour psychology has been studied long throughout history, detailing the often understated relationship between mind and colour. Though it is more commonly known and accepted that colour can evoke certain emotions in the observer, it is also true that the same goes for the reverse: we often favour certain colours because of our individual personality traits.

Red – Red is a powerful, assertive colour. Opting for a red garage door shows that you are a strong, confident person. 

Blue – Blue is a much calmer colour than red. Opting for a blue-coloured garage door shows that you are an easy-going, relaxed individual.

White – White is a colour often used on and inside contemporary homes. A white garage door, especially if it’s kept clean often, shows that you are a meticulous and orderly person.


The materials you choose for your garage door can say just as much — if not more — about your personality than the colour. 

Wood – Opting for a wooden garage door is often a sign that you are in touch with nature. The individual who chooses this option will likely be outdoorsy and kind-spirited.

Glass – Glass garage doors are a bold choice, as they allow others to peer inside. The person who chooses this garage door is clearly a very open and honest person themselves.

Steel – If you choose a steel garage door you’re likely to be a strong-minded person who knows what they want from life. 


Garage doors nowadays come with a range of different operations. Which option you choose for your garage door may reflect on your personality.

Automated – Automated garage doors are usually chosen by busy people. It is likely this individual will be outgoing and have an active lifestyle.

Up and over garage doorsThese doors are often chosen more by traditionalists. These people like routine more than change, and are known to stick by their principles.


Beyond doors, there are other elements of a person’s garage that can shed light on their personality.

Space – Someone who has a garage with an abundance of free space shows that they are forward thinking. They probably like to make plans for the future and aren’t hugely spontaneous.

Storage – someone with minimal available space in their garage due to a lot of storage is likely to be a fun-loving, positive person that lives in the moment.

Here at JB Doors, we have doors for all people, personalities and requirements. Whatever type of garage door you prefer, find it in our extensive range. We offer garage doors as well as entrance doors. With all our products and services available to customers throughout Derby, Rotherham, Mansfield, Nottingham and Sheffield you just have to contact us today to find out more.


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