Should i change my locks if i lose my house key?

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Should I Change My Locks If I Lose My House Key?

It’s not an uncommon situation: the frantic patting of pockets, the rushed rummaging through handbags, and the sinking feeling when you realise that you’ve lost your house key. The subsequent feeling of vulnerability and worry is completely understandable; your home is, after all, your castle. 

It is in times like these, many individuals begin to ponder the question, “Should I change my locks if I lose my house key?” This article seeks to provide a comprehensive answer to that very question, taking into account factors such as cost, safety, and peace of mind.

Assessing the Risk

Upon losing your house key, the first step is to accurately assess the risk associated. Did you lose your key somewhere very far from your home, with no identification attached to it? Or did it go missing somewhere much closer to home, or even worse, with your address attached to it? These scenarios present different levels of risk, and understanding this will help you decide your next course of action.

Low-risk scenarios might not necessarily demand a full lock change. You could consider options like getting a new key cut using the spare, especially if you’re thinking, “Where can I find key cutting near me?” However, higher-risk scenarios should prompt immediate action, which usually involves changing your locks.

Safety Comes First

Your home is the place where you should feel most secure. If losing your key causes you distress or anxiety, changing your locks should be a priority, regardless of the level of risk. Psychological comfort is just as important as physical safety.

In the UK, a basic cylinder lock change can range between £75-£100, which includes the labour charge. This cost is relatively small compared to the price of your peace of mind and the safety of your household. 

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Regardless of whether you’ve lost your key, taking preventative measures to avoid future inconveniences or even disasters is a smart move. Modern solutions like keyless entry systems and smart locks have gained significant popularity in the UK. Not only do these options remove the worry of losing your key, but they also come with added benefits like allowing temporary access to guests or tradespeople. 

Moreover, taking the time to photograph your key and recording the key number (if your key has one) can also help if you ever need a replacement. Most locksmiths can make a key from a photograph if necessary.

What about Home Insurance?

You should also consider the implications on your home insurance. Some insurance policies in the UK might be void if you lose your keys and fail to change your locks, especially if a burglary occurs as a result. Ensure that you read your policy thoroughly and understand the guidelines around lost keys. 


So, should you change your locks if you lose your house key? It boils down to risk assessment and personal comfort. Changing your locks in higher-risk scenarios or if the loss disrupts your sense of security is highly advisable. It not only ensures your safety but potentially upholds your home insurance policy. 

Preventative measures like switching to keyless or smart lock systems can offer a long-term solution and peace of mind. However, for those who opt to stick with traditional keys, remember to have a spare key cut in advance or know a reliable place for “key cutting near me” to avoid such situations in the future. 

Remember, when it comes to the safety of your home, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


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