Roller shutter advantages

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Roller Shutter Advantages

Roller shutters are ideal for the security conscious who want proven security in place for their home or business. First and foremost, roller shutters are an excellent deterrent to criminals due to their robust and complete construction. Unlike some other forms of permanent security, they can be rolled up to let in light and air during the day, and quickly rolled down at night to provide security. Their metal construction makes  it extremely difficult for anyone to gain access to your property without heavy duty cutting equipment.

The additional benefits of roller shutters:

Temperature Regulation

Insulated roller shutters are ideal for keeping the cold out and the warm in, or vice versa during Summer. Their solid construction lets little heat and cold in or out. A high quality shutter can prevent almost 90 percent of a building’s heat escaping and as much as 70 percent of cold from moving in. It is for this reason that many people choose roller shutters to help regulate a comfortable living or working environment, working with your exisiting climate control measures and reducing the need for expensive air conditioning, therefore reducing your energy bills.

Sound Proofing

The same properties that make roller shutters excellent temperature regulators also helps to keep out the distracting noises of the outside. Consistently high levels of background noise are known to lower productivity and increase stress, so for your or your employees benefit an investment in an insulated roller shutter may be a good choice. Insulated shutter doors can reduce external noise by as much as 50 percent. And for domestic installations, roller shutters are perfect for preventing loud noises from bothering neighbours. So for those who like their music at home loud, or regularly play loud intruments, a roller shutter may be the ideal solution to your noise problem.

Blocking Light

For most people, the light kept out by curtains or blinds is plenty enough, but for those situations where a total blackout is required, roller shutters do the job perfectly. Roller shutters cover the entire window area, leaving no gaps at the top or sides. Whatever your reasons for needing total blackout, whether you’re a shift worker, have problems from glare from the sun or just want the added privacy, a roller shutter might be the perfect solution for you.

Roller shutters have other applications aside from those listed here, however these tend to be the most typically overlooked. For more advice on choosing the right roller shutters Nottingham and elsewhere for you, whether domestic or commercial property, contact the specialists at Total Security Systems Ltd.


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