Make your home beautiful with modern home decor

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Make Your Home Beautiful with Modern Home Decor

Your home is where your heart is; it is where you create a base for yourself that is uniquely you. Where you build your dreams in and family in and nurture and grow in.

It is now wonder then that most of us have a picture of how we want our dream abode to look. We cut out pictures from interior design and home magazines, visualise different spaces and wait for the day when we can make it all a reality.


Whether you live in an apartment in one of the many new projects in Mulund, own a town home in San Jose or have a villa by the beach in the Caribbean, our homes are intensely personal to us.

We want it to reflect our personality and also have the latest innovations in home décor and design.  We explore different home style aesthetics, find ones that speak to us more eloquently than the rest  and then try to recreate the same beauty in our very own houses.

Every year and almost every season, new design styles, colours and more are being popularised by the world’s best interior experts as well as experimental home owners themselves. Let’s take a glimpse into contemporary home décor features today.

Clean, Simple Lines

Modern home décor is an amalgamation of many, many different style sensibilities, eras and aesthetic view points. Lately it has been characterised by a simple and clean aesthetic with simple lines in furniture especially, and designs that may be less ornate than years gone past but certainly no less eye catching and beautiful.

Clean and simple can be classic and contemporary at the same time depending on how you use different design elements. Modify the look to suit the ambience you want for example – if a clean cut couch looks to bare and not cozy , add throws for extra warmth, colour and plushness.

A Symbiosis of Form and Function

No one has the space, time or energy to keep changing things around in the home so that the furniture and layout is more efficiently functional. Designers today have come up with innovative designs that look great and yet serve the purpose and some have extra perks too like hidden and bonus storage space.

Attractive and useful, that is how many décor accents and pieces are being used today and not simply strewn about to make a statement.

Adding a Splash of Personality

Modern and contemporary home décor isn’t just about simplicity. Experts recommend adding a dose of character and personality to a space to make it your own. It could be a big bouquet of fresh flowers on your sleek dining table, a colourful back splash in your kitchen or stunning art works hanging on the walls, add ‘you’ to the space you will be inhabiting.

Creating Spaces

Another aspect of modern home décor we often see today the use of open spaces. They aren’t just randomly empty spaces but those that are kept so to add a touch of airiness or used to highlight certain accents or focus points like a painting you love.

An intermediary open space is also good for de-marking separate territories within a big room like a reading nook. You can use a colour palette of your choice, add breezy curtains or also use patterned wall paper for effect.

Ultimately your home is your sanctuary. Go through the latest trend in home décor for inspiration and ideas, but there’s no need to be a slave to every trend. Find elements that suit you and other inhabitants to a tee!


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