How to decorate your door

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How To Decorate Your Door

Doors aren’t always appreciated for their decorative potential. However, if walls can be spruced up and have added features, then doors can also serve as a blank canvas where exciting changes can be made.  

Doors can also create the first impression of your home space. It can also emphasise or detract from the design themes of your property. Doors can create the first impression in every room or even affect your property’s kerb appeal from the outside. They play a larger role than many people give them credit for. 

There are so many decorative choices you can make with your door. Each can contribute to your home having a more distinct identity.

Below, you’ll find some suggestions for decorating your door if you’re stuck on ideas or struggling to realise their potential. 

Add Matching or Complementary Door Components 

Doors can be upgraded. There are different components you can attach that add character and more functions. Consider adding features where you can.  

For example, the front door handles from Corston can bring more charm. They come in three distinct finishes: polished nickel, bronze, and antique brass. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary styles, there’s something for you here. By making these changes, you can also match your handles with doorsteps, hinges, and other accessories. There’s also a range of interior door handles to choose from, enabling you to create a consistent look throughout your home. 

You can also add knockers and numbers to your front door as part of your finishing touches. These can also match or complement everything else featured to accentuate further the themes you’re going for. For example, going for all things brass is a viable route to go down.

Revisit Colour

Repainting a door isn’t a revolutionary idea. Many people do this for maintenance reasons as well as aesthetical ones. 

Still, it’s worth thinking about these arrangements more carefully. Some interior designers claim that boring and obvious choices can be a wasted opportunity on front doors, so bolder creative choices can be a good idea. This frame of mind can also be applied to other doors in your property too, so go all out in sprucing them up. While opinions vary, some designers consider whites among the blander options. 

For the front door, pale hues of blue, mint green, or other rustic shades could provide more charm. The colour of a front door could add property value in some cases, so it’s worth researching that potential further too. Whatever you decide, it’s important to recognise the door as part of your home’s external and internal colour palette. They can make as big an impact as you desire. 

Wallpaper the Door

Doors and walls are very separate in function and can be in design too. However, the lines can be blurred regarding the latter part. 

It’s not always necessary to repaint your door. These situations are made possible if you apply the same wallpaper you use on your walls to your door. That way, your home can have a seamless sense of flow in a way that’s perhaps unexpected.  

If things are handled with the extreme car, then an illusion of a secret room can also be created. It can be a thrilling prospect if you have a discrete study area or kids who wish their rooms were less generic and more magical. 

This design choice certainly isn’t for everyone. That said, if there are areas of your property you wish were more left field in design, extending the wallpaper of your walls to the door can create that effect. It’s a striking design that will leave a lasting impression on all.

Adding Glass Inserts

Some people like to see what’s on the other side of a door before opening it, particularly of unannounced visitors stop by. However, peepholes don’t carry an enormous amount of decorative appeal. 

That said, glass inserts can cover both bases. They are literal and figurative windows of opportunity. For example, some doors can feature Victorian stained glass for added patterns, imagery, and colour. Different shapes can be enjoyed, too, with rows of squares and circles presenting a smarter or more symmetrical presentation. 

Glass can help you appreciate aesthetics if you’re on the inside looking out too. If the sun shines through these windows on a bright day, the added natural light and the patterns forming on the floor can be nice to see. If you crave letting more sunlight in, inserted windows are a must. 

Moreover, some homeowners assume glass doors are only suited to the exterior of their home. Nevertheless, they can also feature inside. Homes that do this can appear more modern and spacious, as light and visibility flow from one room to the next. Consider updating your interior doors too. 

Display Quirky Signs

Signs can say a lot about a person. After all, the person displaying them must feel strongly about something to convey these messages, so the messages you hang up near your door can say a lot about you – as all good decorations should! 

Of all the funny signs people can come across, more than a few can be found hung upon a door. Some people may hang hotel-themed ‘room available for cleaning’ or ‘do not disturb’ signs. Comedy doesn’t always need to be involved, either. Fantasy-themed welcome signs or even polite requests can feature decoratively, so long as their design has charm and appeal. 

Signs can be changed to reflect your mood too. Recurring visitors may be entertained by the prospect of seeing what you’re thinking or revealing each time they stop by. They can also spark conversation, as different visitors will react differently to your signs. 

A chalkboard sign where messages can be inscribed or scrubbed away may also add some decorative appeal, allowing guests to make their own comments too. An interactive element to your décor can be an exciting prospect, and your doors can facilitate that superbly. 

Light Up the Door 

Updated door frames can be charming. However, adding some extra light to them may help to embellish these areas more profoundly. 

Many people choose to outline the perimeter of their doors with lights. For example, some people drape vine fairy lights around their door frames for extra sparkle. Others may elect to use an LED door frame for a more vivid look, serving as the perfect introduction to bedrooms or games rooms. If your door is a lovely piece of artwork, the lighting arrangements around it can be the beautiful frame to complement it all. 

Lights can even be installed inside the door as well. For instance, if yours is made of onyx panels, LED lights can illuminate the inside. After that distinct glow, your home becomes a bit more distinctive. 

Some efforts are more ‘out there’ than others, but lighting can emphasise everything in a property, even in an already magnificent door. Tone and ambience can be changed with a certain hue or glow, so keep that in mind if you’re making choices in this area. 


Not all these door decorations can work in tandem with one another. Though some choices will override others, it’s important to realise your depth of choice in these spaces. Doors are more than dull entryways; they shouldn’t create an awkward stopgap in the rest of your décor but complement or even continue it. Weigh all these possibilities and try to make some exciting décor decisions. 


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