Give your doors a flush look with flush ring pulls

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Give Your Doors a Flush Look with Flush Ring Pulls

Cabinet and closet doors can be given a brand new look with flush ring pulls, for a sleek style that is ideal for modern homes. These fittings are subtle and simple, featuring a base with a pull ring that fits snugly into the base until the door needs to be opened.

Ideal for kitchen cupboards, closets, desks or any other type of cabinet, you can add these fittings with just the barest of DIY skills and the right tools.

First Things First

The first step in replacing the handles of any cabinet door is to choose which type of ring pull you wish to add. Round shapes have a softer, gentler look, while rectangular shapes add a bit of visual impact.

Always choose fittings that are forged from the highest quality pure metals, such as chrome, iron, stainless steel or nickel. Fulham Brass flush ring pulls can be ordered in the finish of your choice, allowing you to choose the option that best suits the overall look of your cabinet and home.

How to Install Flush Ring Pulls

Once you have selected the flush pull rings you wish to use, you will need to follow these easy steps to get things underway.

  • Tools you will need include a drill, screwdriver and nails. Make sure that you have these on hand along with the new pull rings that you plan to add.
  • First, you will need to remove the current handles or knobs. Carefully unscrew the fittings, and put them aside.
  • As this opener is different from traditional handles, with four screws on the outside rather than one or two that are not shown on the pulls, you may need to add new holes to install the fitting.
  • Use the existing holes to determine the position of the fitting, and mark each point with a pencil.
  • From there, carefully drill any new holes that are required, paying extra care to avoid drilling right through the cupboard drawer or door.
  • Adjust the new fittings over each hole, and then screw in the fitting so that the pulls are secured.
  • You can also do a quick test to check that all fittings are in place, by using the ring pull to open and close the drawer or closet door.

You can also give the rest of the cabinet a new look with a fresh coat of paint that complements the finish of the flush ring pull, resulting in a brand new cabinet that oozes style.


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