Benefits of bifold doors

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Benefits of Bifold Doors

If you’re looking to refresh your home through the installation of new doors, then you’re likely aware of the variety of doors available to you, and it can be difficult to know which is right for your tastes and your property. 

Natural light

Bifold doors incorporate large panes of glass into their design, which means they allow natural light to pour into a room. Of course, shades and blinds will ensure you have total control over the amount of light that comes in, but when the window dressings are up, the doors allow plenty of sunlight in whether they’re open or closed. 

Space saving

The concertina-style mechanism of bifold doors means that they don’t encroach on a room when opened, as other doors might do. They don’t swing inward or outward – they fold onto themselves within the opening. If you have a smaller room, this space-saving mechanism is a bonus – no need to sacrifice space or re-arrange your room to accommodate the door itself. What’s more, the opening mechanism looks sleek and stylish, too. 

High security

The doors themselves boast multi-point locking systems. While patio doors only have a single locking point, multiple points on your bifold doors mean that every panel can be locked in place, making it much harder for intruders to get in and inquisitive young children to get out. Some Bifold doors also make use of panel-catch technology, which prevents the door from blowing shut or being accidentally closed and causing injury. 

Aesthetic impact

Bifold doors are visually stunning, no matter where they’re installed. They add a level of modernity and contemporary brilliance to any home, whether installed as a two-panel door at the back of an extension or a six-panel corner door in a large contemporary home. As the doors can be fitted with flush or low-threshold tracks, they can be installed in almost seamless fashion – as if a room just opens up into the next room or the outside world. 


The versatility of bifold doors is unmatched by patio doors – bifold installations are available as corner or curved installations, so they can be installed in even the most unusually-shaped properties.

Low maintenance

The doors themselves require little upkeep – the door’s track will need to be kept free of debris, and timber-clad bifold doors will need treatment to protect them from the elements, as with all outdoor-facing wooden furniture. 

Bifold doors present a range of benefits to the homeowner, from their appearance to their functionality and security. For more information on Bifold Doors this in-depth guide from the team at Sunflex UK which goes into detail about the benefits of bifold doors and why they’ll make a brilliant addition to your home.

Each Sunflex UK bifold door is handmade to your specifications in the UK, so you can be sure the finished product will meet all of your requirements and be the perfect fit for your home. To Find your nearest distributor or to learn more about Sunflex UK or the services provided, simply contact them today.


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