7 stellar benefits of having a visible house number

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7 Stellar Benefits of Having a Visible House Number

Did you know that the practice of house numbering originated in Paris in 1512? 

It was first practiced in Pont Notre-Dame and it wasn’t for address purposes, it was done to make it easy for everyone to determine the number of properties they own. Fast forward to five hundred years and it is now used all over the world. House numbering is practiced all over the world because it’s a potent way of organization and simplifies logistics. 

Today, each country has their own unique house numbering system. In Japan, houses are numbered depending on when they were constructed. In Finland, house numbers come with letters. 

Do you have a visible number?

Though house numbering is practiced all over the world, some people are still not eager when it comes to having a visible house number. Experts think that technology plays a big factor in it because it is now easier to look for a house without the need for the exact address. Should you need a friend to pick you up, you can easily pin your address and send the direct link to your friend. Upon receipt, your friend can set his car to follow the route that will lead to your pinned address. Today’s technology made everything ultra-accessible.

You shouldn’t discount house numbering altogether though. The scheme is still practiced for a reason. If you don’t have a visible house number, you won’t get to experience the following benefits:

You get to follow the law.

Property owners are required by law to display their house numbers. Per the law, house numbers can be placed on a building or fence facing the street. 

In Australia, different standards apply to different areas. Rural addressing differs from rural addressing. If you know your house number and you don’t have a visible house number yet, you can drop by your Council’s office. Your Council will be able to provide you with a house number sign that comes with a mounting bracket. This is at no cost. Limited stocks are available so you should call to inquire. Once you have your Council-provided house number, you may place it on your gate, mailbox, gate post, or any solid and permanent structure. Take note that your house number should at least be one meter above the ground for maximum visibility. It should also be directly facing the road.

If your Council has run out of free house number signs, you can opt for slate door signs that are very visible, refreshing, and elegant-looking. 

Your local postman will appreciate you.

You will make it easier for your local postman to locate your house if your house number is visible. With a visible house number, you can be sure that your mail gets delivered on time. You won’t have your neighbors knocking at your door to forward wrongly delivered mail. 

Emergency services will be easy and speedy.

Emergency services will get to find you in an instant if your house number is visible. This is one of the primary reasons why the law even mandates it — for your welfare. Every single second is important when it comes to emergency situations. You wouldn’t want emergency services to be delayed just because they have a tough time looking for your house. This will be the case if you don’t have a visible house number. It all the more gets tricky if they’d have to reach your house and it’s dark outside. This is why you should also make it a point to place your house number in a well-lit area. 

You’d make it easier for your family and friends to find your place.

Your family and friends would highly appreciate you and love you all the more if you’d have a visible house number. They’d easily get to find your house whenever they need to pay you a visit. As with emergency services, your family and friends would also thank you if you’d have your house number placed in a well-lit area.

Speedy and efficient home services.

Do you know that some companies charge customers additional fees if their staff can’t easily locate a given address? You wouldn’t want this kind of hassle and you could easily avoid it by simply having a visible house number.

Home service crews would get to speedily tend to your needs if they’d get to easily find your house. The sooner they get to work, the sooner they’ll finish their services. You won’t have to deal with additional labor charges.

Faster receipt of deliveries. 

The pandemic is still upon us. Now more than ever, most of our purchased goods are delivered to us. So much so that the delivery industry experienced an increase in profit of over 110% during the past year. This is why having a visible house number is more important than ever. The delivery industry is now the main commerce platform and you duly need to adjust to it. 

You’d experience no hassle in receiving your goods (groceries, food, and etc.) if your house can be easily located. 

Easy business transactions. 

If you’re in the e-commerce industry, parties that you work with will have an easier time reaching you. If you sell items online, third-party service providers will get to easily locate your house for item pick-up. This is significant as any minute of delay will affect the shipping of your goods to your buyers.


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