What are the benefits of timber cladding?

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What are the Benefits of Timber Cladding?

Cladding is widely used to transform a building’s appearance and provide increased weather resistance and thermal insulation. This technique refers to applying a component to a building’s primary structure, which acts as a protective layer. 

Timber, which primarily consists of softwood and hardwood, has become a popular facing material, commonly replacing brick or rendered finishes. But there are many timber cladding species to choose from, including Western Red cedar, oak, and Larch, to suit different budgets, requirements, and applications. 

When choosing a building material, whether it’s for renovation or new-build projects, there are many factors to consider including the style, thermal performance, and structural integrity. So, what are the benefits of timber cladding and is it the right substance for your property?

Easy to handle

Timber is a lightweight material, making it easier to manoeuvre and quicker to install than other cladding types. It’s also very flexible as it can be cut and trimmed to suit any size and shape. 

However, the installation process of timber cladding should be conducted by a professional for best results.    

Efficient insulation

The thermal insulation of timber cladding prevents heat from escaping in winter and keeps buildings cool in summer. This feature reduces the need for heating and cooling systems, cutting energy costs, and further lowering the property’s carbon footprint.

The material also absorbs sound effectively, stopping noise from travelling inside and outside the building.  


When engaging in any form of construction, you should consider the environmental impact it might have. Certain materials such as steel and concrete release carbon emissions into the atmosphere. In comparison, timber absorbs carbon and can be recycled after use or reused as biofuel. 

As well as selecting the right type of cladding, ensure its sourced ethically from well-managed, certified forests to mitigate the risk of deforestation. 

The UK’s leading importer and distributor of bespoke and sustainable timber, International Timber, ensure all products meet legislative requirements and aim for full Chain of Custody certified timber.  


When properly cared for, timber can last up to sixty years. Due to this material’s natural grain, any chips and scratches that occur over time are difficult to spot. The material can withstand external elements, including rain and wind. Depending on the species, timber cladding can also be naturally resistant to the following:

  • Insect attacks
  • Rotting
  • Splintering
  • Warping

You can also enhance the durability of timber with preservation treatments and kilning. 

Striking aesthetic

Timber cladding can transform the appearance of any building with its timeless style. It seamlessly blends well with the outdoor surroundings, creating a warm and charming visual. The variety of timber species offers a range of natural colours to choose from, which evolve into unique shades as the wood ages. You can also slow the weathering process down with pressure treatments if preferred.

Overall, timber is an extremely versatile material that can suit a wide range of homes. With the resilience, sustainability, flexibility, and the visually pleasing effect it offers, there are several clear benefits of this cladding type. 


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