Installing a stove without a chimney

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Installing a Stove without a Chimney

With gas prices rising every year there have been an increase in people who have alternatively installed wood burning stoves as their main source of heat at home. The only issue of course with doing so is that there must also be an extraction system in place which will vent the smoke. Most people think if your home does not come pre-fitted with a chimney then it is impossible to have a stove but in reality they can be quite simple to erect.

The first step is to look at what type of chimney you require for your stove; this is based on the type of stove and home you have. It is better to have a new chimney flue installed than to use a pre-existing one with a new stove as the opening of the flue has to exactly match the stove.

Ideally you will want a metal chimney flue installed as they as insulated with a flue liner and can withstand much higher temperatures. For some the idea of a large metal chimney is a bit of an eye sore so to be more fitting with your homes aesthetic you can also have a brick/masonry chimney as the exterior with the metal flue on the inside.

You will next need to consider where you will place the stove and flue in your home. Ideally you will want somewhere where the chimney is as straight as possible with minimal bends. If your chimney has a lot of bends and turns it won’t be able to function properly and creates more areas within the flue from creosote to build up. It will also make it a lot more difficult for you to see where there is build up and check for any blockages.

Most people like to have their chimney against an exterior wall of their home but this is one of the worst places for it, as the warmth from your home will be lost. It is recommended to place your stove at the most central point in your home, this will allow your home to heat up quicker as it draws the best.

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