Can you put a tv above a log burner?

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Can You Put a TV Above a Log Burner?

Technology has come a long way in your average household. Decades ago, households used to be lucky to have one TV in the entire home. Now, some homes have more than five TV sets in them.

With that many TVs in one house, you may try to get a bit more creative about where you put them. One of the places you may think of is mounting a tv on your chimney breast or above a log burner.

But can you put a TV above a log burner? This guide breaks it down for you.

Creating A Centrepiece

One of the biggest benefits of putting a TV on your chimney breast above a log burner or fireplace is that with one on top of the other, you have a good opportunity to create a centrepiece in one room.

Both of these items can be notable pieces to have in a living room. However, if you separate the two from each other, there will be a visual overload and people may not know where to keep their focus in that room.

When you have one on top of the other, people can keep their focus on one part of the room and you can have the two items compliment each other. If having a centrepiece in your living room is important to you, this is one of the best ways that you can achieve this.

Consider the Height

If you are going to go through with this, you have to think about how high you are going to put your TV. The reason is that you have to account for the temperature of your wood burner or fireplace.

Some wood burners have temperatures up to 600 degrees. If yours gets on the hotter side, you have to remind yourself that the heat from that burner has to travel somewhere, and heat rises.

Let’s say that you have both of these items one above the other. With a wood burner that has temperatures reaching that high, the heat that comes from it is likely going to have to travel up through your walls up to the chimney.

If you’re not careful and don’t have enough space between the two, it can cause damage to your TV because most TV sets cannot handle that kind of heat regularly.

Having your TV set too close to the burner could cause your TV to have too much exposure to the heat that comes from your wood burner.

So, if you are set on having your TV above the wood burner, you are going to have to place it a little higher than you normally would. Having at least one metre of distance from each item would be ideal.

Can You Put a TV Above a Log Burner?

So, can you put a TV above a log burner? The answer is yes, depending on where exactly you place your TV.

You have to remember that the heat that comes from your log burner or fireplace place has to travel upwards through your walls. Putting your TV set too close to that could cause TV damage. As a result, you need to have a minimum distance from each object.


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