Bleach: Not Just For Your Loo

Bleach is the loos best friend, it keeps it clean, makes it smell much better and ultimately makes everyone’s experience a bit… fresher! But people don’t tend to dwell on their loos, not least without a good read! But this blog isn’t aimed at the toilet, but for thinking about the home. There’s much more that a good bleach can do for you, so here are some suggestions on how to use bleach for your home:

1)      Cleaning! – It’s the most obvious thing, but bleach is best for cleaning surfaces such as plastic garden furniture left out for a little too long, or sterilizing items. It can also help to brighten up glass dishware. If you’re lost on what to do, take a look at some bathroom cleaning tips!

2)      Create a household disinfectant spray – One for the frugal types, bleach can make a great all-purpose disinfectant for use around the house. Be it on counter tops, toilet seats, and so on. Simply mix one tablespoon of bleach into 3.7 litres of hot water. Fill a clean and empty spray bottle with the mixture and you’re good to go. Spray, wipe, and your table tops will be clean and fresh. (Be sure not to use in the presence of ammonia or other household cleaners.)

3)      Removing limescale – Limescale is a tricky problem, particularly in hard water areas. The best way to remove limescale is to simply treat it with bleach! Modern bleaches can go some way to getting rid of nasty limescale; you can even rub it in with rubber-gloved hands, and leave it until applying water, which will simply wash all that gunk away.

4)      Keeping things green – Bleach is very effective at weedkilling, especially in the cracks of walkways. Pouring undiluted beach over the cracks where weeds grow, and in a few days you can pull them right out (but be careful not to touch your grass with it!) Also, it’s helpful to get rid of moss and algae with a solution of bleach mixed with water, but again be careful with the plants you want to keep!

5)      Keep your flowers alive for longer – Freshly cut flowers stay fresh if you add a quarter teaspoon bleach for every litre in a vase of water. Another way of doing it would be to add three drops of bleach, as well as a teaspoon of sugar to the same amount of water. The reason this helps is because it keeps the water from clouding, and inhibits the growth of bacteria, although you’d think it might be worse for the flora!