A Specialist Walk In Bath

Walk in baths come in all shapes and sizes meaning there is one out there to suit everyone.

Each person has different needs. Some people can lay down in the bath whilst others find this position too uncomfortable or painful and therefore need to sit upright. As a result of these needs, manufacturers produce walk-in tubs in both configurations.

In the UK, a growing number of people are suffering mobility issues relating to their weight. As they become more overweight, some people find bathing increasingly difficult. For some, taking a bath in a standard sized bath is too uncomfortable or difficult. Luckily, there is an answer: a larger sized walk in bath.

The Laguna walk in bath

At Premier Bathrooms, we aim to provide a tailored bathing solution for every individual. When we realised that some of our customers were struggling to use our standard sized walk in baths, we developed the Laguna walk in bath.

This large walk in bath provides a generous bathing area which can accommodate nearly all sizes at 34 inches wide. This large walk in bath also comes fitted with our signature Hydrovescent Therapy system to ease your aches and pains. Jets of warm air generate streams of bubbles which gently massage your body, helping you to relax. This system is designed to reduce inflammation as well as improve circulation.

Most bathrooms have more than enough space to accommodate an oversized walk in bath. These walk-in tubs are of a standard length, simply constructed with wider panels.