7 Ways To Maximise Space In A Small Home

Whether you live in a nice city apartment, a small country cottage or a detached town house, space is very much an essential part of ensuring you enjoy living in your home.  For many people, creating space and keeping that spacious look and feel to their home can be a challenge.

The challenge can be even greater in smaller homes were space is very much of the essence.  It’s important to look at ways of turning this cramped look into a comfy, cosy look and really maximising the space in your home.

Below is seven ways to consider when it comes to looking for ways of maximising space in your home and in those smaller rooms that need it most.

Use Your Walls

The first step to creating space in your home is to use what you already have at your disposal.  Utilise your doors and walls as additional storage solutions to help create more space in and around your home.  Build shelves and add hooks to your walls to hang up items that would otherwise take up space on the floor throughout your home.

Multi-Functional Furniture

Another great way to maximise space in your home is by using multi-functional furniture.  Use furniture in your kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom that has many functions.  Beds and benches that double as storage providers, furniture that is easy to stack away and won’t take up space or a fitted bedroom where your bed and cupboards are combined, are all ways of using multi-functional furniture to create more space in your home.

Embrace the light

Let there be light!!  Opening your curtains and letting light into your home can help create the illusion of space and instantly make a small home look bigger.  Adding mirrors throughout your home can also help create the illusion of space as mirrors help reflect light.  Consider using large, long mirrors can be really useful when creating space in your living room and bedroom.

Light colours

Another way to create the illusion of space within your home is by using light colours.  Yellow, whites and creams are a great choice of colour to help make a small room appear bigger.  If you want to create the illusion of less space then use darker colours like black and blue.

Open up

Don’t be afraid to get stuck into a little DIY and knock down a wall that separates two rooms.  If you have a small living room and kitchen or small kitchen and dining area then knocking the wall through can help to create a feel of one large room rather than two small rooms.  If you are planning on knocking a wall though, be sure to seek some professional advice to see what needs to be done to ensure the structure of your home remains safe.


When it comes to maximising space, utilising your storage is perhaps the most important thing.  We’ve already identified how multi-functional furniture and walls can help provide additional storage.  Another thing to consider is modern, fitted sliding wardrobes and cupboards.  These can be fitted to the corner of your bedroom or kitchen to ensure you still get as much floor space as possible.


Our final suggestion is to look at your flooring.  Installing the same flooring throughout your home or on the different stories of your home can also help to create the illusion of space.  The eyes of visitors become familiar with the floor can it can help to create a perception of one long flow within your home.  Try to create a nice ‘path’ through your home to reinforce this idea of space.

Maximising space in a small home doesn’t have to be a daunting thought.  Organisation is a big part to keeping the idea of space within your home.  Having a storage area for items will help reduce the likelihood of clutter.

Don’t forget to utilise other areas that you may have around your home such as a garden shed or garage to help provide more storage solutions for your home.