What Type of Concrete is Right for Your Garden Project

Patio set and flowers

Garden renovations are a common practice for homeowners all over the world, whether it’s turning a jungle of a garden into a neat, clean living space or it’s just bringing your outdoor area up to date. Everyone has an idea of what they want their renovated garden to look like – what plants are going to take which spots, where the pond might go, how big the patio is going to be – but knowing the materials required for certain aspects of the project is a different matter.

In this piece, we are going to detail why you might concrete for different aspects of your garden project and why they are necessary. (Different types of concrete have different pricing, so please ensure you calculate the costs of concrete before you begin):

External pathways:

For external pathways, we recommend C30 concrete. This concrete is designed for lighter applications, like paving in gardens. The PAV 1 mixes of C30 concrete contain an air entrainment additive, used to create standard air bubbles that help to protect the concrete from freeze-thaw cycles. 

Swimming pools:

As swimming pools are obviously heavy, the concrete that they need to be built upon needs to be strong. C40 concrete is ideal for this purpose. It’s used commonly for support beams and structural support, including footage and foundations. C40 concrete is also used for septic tanks.

Fence posts:

In order to ensure your fence posts are secured in the ground, they need to have solid foundations. C20 concrete is the ideal choice for this, as it is designed for lightweight domestic applications.


For seating and socialising in your garden, you can’t go wrong with a patio. But the patio needs a solid base to ensure people are sitting comfortably. C20 concrete is the material for you.

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