What To Expect Of A House Cleaner

With busy lifestyles juggling work, children, relatives, shopping, leisure time and more, cleaning isn’t usually on the list that we look forward to.

These days, it’s more commonplace for busy households to employ a cleaning service. Whilst you may save £25 odd a week by doing the dusting, hovering, mopping etc yourself, think of what you could be doing with the spare time you manage to squash all of the chores into in the evening or at the weekend.

It’s important to understand though the boundaries between a cleaner, a nanny, a maid. Whilst your neighbour may have a local cleaning lady performing all sorts of tasks, expect something more orderly from cleaning agencies and their staff.

Regular Cleaning Service:

  • Vacuum Cleaner for Vacuum CleaningVacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Polishing
  • Sweeping / Mopping of non-carpeted floors
  • Kitchen surfaces & appliances cleaned down
  • Bathroom cleaning – bath tub, shower cubicle, mirrors, sinks and toilets
  • Empty the bins
  • Interior Window Cleaning

In essence, they allow you to keep on top of cleanliness and live in a clean, tidy home.

Advanced Cleaning Services:

  • IroningOven Being Cleaned by Cleaner
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Bed Making
  • Deep Oven Cleaning

Cleaners Usually Don’t Do:

  • The laundry
  • The washing up
  • Plant watering

What’s important is to find out in the beginning what will and won’t be done. It’s fair enough that people will want to get the best value for money, and pay the least amount possible, but in turn you might receive skeleton service that reflects your fee.

You never know, you may benefit from the “tidy house, tidy mind” mentality people sometimes experience and enjoy.  Most importantly, enjoy the spare time a cleaner will afford you.