Top Tips for Redecorating Your Home

Here are just a few top tips for interior redecorating to help you get started.


Think carefully about what you want to achieve from your redecorating scheme. Do you just want to update rooms and make them more modern or do you want to try and change the whole atmosphere and appearance of your home?


Paintbrush painting a radiatorCreate a Redecorating Plan

You don’t want to fit your new carpets before you have stripped and painted the walls. Think about the order in which you do things.

1. Buy Your Materials – paint, white spirit, sand paper, wallpaper etc
2. Protect your furniture – either move it out of the room, or cover the floor and furniture with dust sheets
3. Prepare your surfaces – sand down and wipe surfaces ready for the new paint or paper
4. Paint or wallpaper.
5. Soft furnishings should only be added once the paint has dried.


Integrate Your New Designs

There are plenty of ways to connect different rooms and create design cohesion throughout the home:

• You can blur the boundaries between rooms by using similar colours but in different shades.
• You can also connect rooms by using the same flooring throughout your homes such as laminate flooring.

Eye-Catching Features

These can create a ‘wow factor’ in rooms and take your interiors to the next level.

Floral WallpaperFireplace – upgrading your fireplace can be a great way of introducing interest and functionality to your rooms. There are some amazing electric fires available these days that have very realistic flame effects and impressive styling.
• Murals – create a powerful impact on rooms with a hand-painted mural. You can really let your imagination take over when creating murals. You could choose realistic murals that depict real places such as a stunning landscape vista. If you don’t feel like creating the mural yourself there are many artists out there specialising in this kind of work.
• Feature walls – there are companies now offering full wall papers depicting a city skyline, or a tranquil pond. These floor to ceiling images really stand out and provide the desired ‘wow factor’.