Top 5 Improvements to Brighten Up your Kitchen

There are many different ways to improve the look and feel of your kitchen, both major and subtle. These changes can range from a new colour scheme to entirely new worktops, and there are countless options available to you to help you renovate your kitchen.


Kitchen LightingMaking sure your kitchen is properly lit isn’t just a case of fitting some light bulbs in the ceiling. There are numerous lighting styles and techniques you can use to embellish and emphasise different aspects of your kitchen, and an enormous range of fittings and fixtures to help you achieve your perfect look. As well as light fittings, making use of natural light can add an extra element to your kitchen. As good as artificial light is, natural light cannot be beaten in terms of adding warmth to any room, so any windows should be emphasised to allow for maximum natural light.


Make your surfaces stand out

Choosing the right material and colour scheme for your kitchen worktops can be very difficult, but if you choose the right combinations, you will notice a drastic improvement in the look of your kitchen. At Touchstone Worktops our fantastic range of quartz and granite worktops has everything you need to create the perfect kitchen environment. Our surfaces are available in a range of styles, from neutral schemes to subtle, warmer colours. A range of fantastic edge profiles are available with our worktops, so you can be sure everything is perfect, right down to the most minute detail. The right worktop can complement everything in your kitchen from your sink to your cabinets, so choose wisely!

Cupboards and cabinets

Maximising your cabinet space can work wonders for your kitchen. This doesn’t mean cramming as much into each one as possible, but using all the space you have to its full potential can free up space in other areas and make your kitchen look much more organised. Different opening mechanisms such as pull-out cabinetry can help modernise a kitchen, using a mix of these mechanisms and traditional cupboards can work wonders.

Choose the right colour scheme

Perhaps an obvious tip, but choosing the right colours for your walls and cabinets is vital. While certain colours may suit the room itself, when coupled with the colour and material of the worktops the look and feel of the kitchen may suffer. Carefully think about what colours will go best with the colour of your worktops and the accents of your kitchen, as well as your sinks, taps and appliances. Touchstone has a range of worktops that will suit any kitchen, whatever your design ideas are. Have a browse of our catalogue of quartz and granite worktops, including our brand new and exclusive Ocean Series collection, and ensure that your kitchen really stands out from the rest.


Update your Appliances

If you’ve chosen the perfect kitchen worktop and the perfect colour scheme, all your hard work can be undone if you have outdated appliances. Old appliances really stick out in modern kitchens, and not in a good way. Modern appliances are sleek, stylish and versatile, meaning they fit in seamlessly to the majority of kitchens, so once you’ve picked out your colours and styles, the final touch for your perfect kitchen is your appliances.

Creating your perfect kitchen can be a very stressful task, and it can be difficult to know where to start. With these tips you will be able to plan your renovations and combine your personal taste with current trends and styles, creating a kitchen that you can be proud of.