Tips For Keeping Your Sash Windows Functioning And Looking Their Best

If you have sash windows that are hundreds of years old in your home you may be wondering just how much longer can these windows last? The answer to that question would be hard to say, but if you are able to properly care for the windows and service them on time, you should you could expect them to last at least 100 years, if not longer.

Here are some areas that you should consider to keep your beautiful, historic sash windows functioning and looking their best for years to come.

  • Inspection
  • Painting
  • Draught Proofing
  • Security
  • Noise Reduction
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Repairs and Renovation

It is important that you will only realise if your sash windows are beginning to show some signs of normal use if you inspect your windows on a yearly basis.  Failing to get them checked out by an expert who deals with sash window renovation every couple of years could also prove to be a very costly mistake.

If you see signs of cracking or chipping of paintwork on the outside or inside of your wooden sash windows, it would be a good idea to begin to search for a professional renovation company that can properly paint your sash windows. It is suggested that every 8 years you should get your windows repainted.

Draughts and rattles are always going to be a part of sash windows because of the design of the frames which allow the windows to properly function. There are systems that can be installed preferably by experts to help eliminate the draughts and rattling that could become bothersome.

As the times we are living in have changed, over the centuries it has become necessary for sash windows to have a high level of security to them. With many different systems on the market today you will find that adding a better security system will be of great benefit for you as a home owner.

Sash windows have been notorious for letting the exterior noises from the streets and crowd into the home though the gaps around the windows. By getting your sash windows serviced and updated you can reduce or even eliminate these unwanted noises all together.

By having your old sash windows draught proofed, you will be able to control the air flow in your home again. By keeping in the warm air inside your home during the winter months and cold air in during the summer months you will save money on your energy cost throughout the year.

It is estimated that every 15 years you should have your old sash windows renovated. By hiring a professional company that can come in and assess the damage that your windows have sustained over the years, you will have your old windows functioning and looking their best in no time.

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