Tidying Up: How Slot Drains Can Neaten Your Project

Effective drainage is crucial for a successful landscaping project. By having a system in place that can easily clear away surface water, you can reduce the chance of flooding and leave the space looking neat and tidy.

UK Home Improvement - Tidying Up: How Slot Drains Can Neaten Your Project

Many drainage components look ugly and can detract from the overall aesthetic of a garden. As a landscape architect, you’ll be used to finding ways to hide drainage systems while maintaining access. From getting clever with pot plants to creating bespoke covers, there are plenty of ways to disguise unattractive grates and the chances are, you will have tried them all. 

However, slot drains are an ideal solution that can resolve some of these issues and leave outdoor spaces looking pristine and look less unsightly. Here’s a look at how they work and what they are.

What is a slot drain? 

Before we get into why they’re a good choice for a project, it’s worth understanding what slot drains are. As the name implies, these are neat grids that are designed in a linear style, allowing water to flow down the gap – or slot – without having to pass through the grate seen on more typical drains. They are usually available in a wide variety of materials and size options to suit all kinds of specific applications. 

How do they work? 

Slot drainage works like traditional drainage; water passes down the space as with other types of grate. However, unlike more traditional grated drains, these have the advantage of not having anything covering it that could deteriorate and ultimately would need replacing. 

Seamless integrations

One of the main benefits of using slot drainage systems is that they are a clean fit with the existing landscape. Unlike their grated counterparts, they can be run around public spaces without interrupting the overall look of the area. In addition, this type of drain is a safe option as it’s sunken into the ground, so there is no grate for anyone to trip over. 

Where to use slot drains

There are several landscaping projects that lend themselves to a slot drain. For the safety offering, they are ideal for public spaces such as gardens and parks. You can also use them for driveways and on airport runways.

They are also a neat addition to gardens, especially near any water features and follies. Should you be upgrading the area around any other spaces, such as a lido, they could be ideal here, too. 

Should you be considering slot drains for your next project, there are several solutions available to suit a range of areas. In areas of high traffic where you expect hefty loads and deliveries, you may want to search for something heavy duty. If, on the other hand, you’re seeking a sleek solution for a garden, there are products available that can swiftly and discreetly more water away and still look great for the landscape. 

Which will you choose?